After being dumped twice by Lidia, Scott was spotted embarrassing himself on Bumble

 After being dumped by Lidia Morel, on the third season of 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise, Scott Wern had no business to be on reality tv again. However, his clout chasing nature convinced TLC to cast him again, but this time, it was on the fifth season of The Family Chantel. Lidia decided to give him a second chance, however, many of the show fans thought that their storyline was scripted. Either way, Scott got dumped by Lidia again, and even removed himself from all social media, after Pedro's mother made fun of his manhood and bedroom skills on national tv.

The fact that "eScott" had reconciled with Lidia came as a surprise, to many of the viewers who were discussing the TLC reality tv shows on social media. His despicable actions on Love in Paradise season 3 proved that Nicole was right about him. The 52 year old Florida man has only dated women in their 20s and early 30s before starting his "relationship" with Lidia. He was playing games and acting so charming for a time, claiming how delighted he was to date someone his age, who could match his lifestyle. However, it was all a lie, the respiratory therapist just wanted to be on tv at all costs, and that's about it.
Recently, many 90 day fiancé female fans have spotted Scott's profile on Bumble, the dating app. He's currently single, so he did nothing wrong by putting himself out there. The thing is, something about the way he presented himself has made the ladies who saw his dating profile cringe.

In his Bumble bio eScott wrote:" Outgoing, funny, big heart and passionate. Love dancing, great conversation. Not looking for a text buddy :) won't pay for other guys mistakes and please don't ask where I live or where I work. It's on my profile", which sounded a little bit douchey. Beside that, he uploaded a selfie picture of himself from a weird angle, that made him look like an Inhabitant of Whoville, and also added a cringy dance video that makes everyone get a second hand embarrassment after watching it.