Angela Deem has been reportedly fired from the 90 day fiancé franchise

 Angela Deem, the most trashy cast member is the 90 Day Fiance franchise, has been sparking controversies for quite some time now. She'll be featured on The Last Resort spin-off show, which will premiere tomorrow August the 14th. Despite being disliked by most of the 90 day fiancé fans, many of her haters are curious and want to get an update about her relationship status with Michael. In the midst of all of this, some reports circulated that TLC had fired Deem after she ended filming for the new show. The same source who happens to be a Spanish blogger, also added that Angela would no longer be a part of any of the future 90 day fiancé shows and spin offs. The news was not shocking to the viewers who have been begging TLC to fire her years ago and they even started a petition at some point which got over a hundreds thousand signatures.

Angela has been on the scene since 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down, especially now that she's been cast in 90 Days: The Last Resort. The 58 year old grandma was enraged by the rumor about her firing, and She even responded to the post which mentioned the story.

 Angela expressed her own thoughts on the post and she commented on it: "This is IRRELEVANT". She also included a GIF of Barbie laughing. However, 90 Day Fiancé fans on Instagram were not on the same page as Angela and of them commented:" She's hard to watch, I just fast forward through her segments". Another Instagram user who believed the news wrote:" Thank you, God, her 15 minutes are up, she had her moment, and now it's time for another couple to take her place".

Over the years, the viewers have branded Angela's treatment of Michael as abusive, and thousands of fans have acknowledged on social media that they cannot stand to watch Angela on their television screens anymore. Angela has been dissatisfied with her relationship nearly from the beginning, but instead of sitting down and settling the issue peacefully, she lashes out at Michael and blames him for all of her problems. While Michael's visa was being processed, Angela opted to get weight loss surgery which boosted her self confidence over time. But at the end of the day, she still blames Michael for everything, including her inability to quit smoking, which is a habit she'd picked up as a youngster, a life time before meeting Michael. Angela may believe her behavior is amusing, but in reality it's not, it's trashy and abusive behavior that should not be allowed to be seen on national tv.