This is why Mary and Brandan got fired and are blacklisted by TLC

 Brandan DeNuccio had a life full of challenges and heartbreak until he met Mary Demasu-ay on a dating app. The 23 year old from Oregon, had been online dating Mary, who is a 23 year old from the Philippines, for two years before embarking on 90 Day Fiancé the other way. Brandan had collected enough money to fly to Mary, settle down, and begin a new life with her. The young couple has already many obstacles to overcome, and now, TLC is the one which has a big problem with Mary and Brandan, and this problem is the "Spoilers".

The tv network always makes the cast members sign non-disclosure agreements to keep the spoilers from getting out, especially when their new 90 day fiancé shows and spin offs are still running. Spoilers not only ruin the fun for the viewers, who wait week after week for the new episodes to see what happens to their favorite cast members, but also make the Network lose money, as many of the viewers who get the spoilers lose interest and decide to stop watching the rest of the seasons of the new shows.

Mary and Brandan's story line got spoiled plenty of times. The first spoiler was when Brandan's mom Angela decided to upload publicly on her Facebook, a photo Album from the wedding of her son and his Filipina girlfriend. The second and third spoilers came from Mary and Brandan joint TikTok account, on which they post new videos of them dancing together, and sometimes they go live and do a Q&A to answer fans' questions. Thanks to the couple TikTok account, now many of the viewers know that Mary and Brandan are still together and also expecting a baby who should be born before the start of the new year.

According to a Reddit post that was started by a 90 day fiancé fan, who attended a live Q&A of another cast member from a different spin off show, It seems like TLC has fired Mary and Brandan from the franchise for good, and will never cast them again because they are childish, don't respect their NDAs and keep spoiling the show.

Statler dropped the tea that Mary and Brendan got kicked off 90 day fiance for good
by u/bingboomin in 90DayFiance

Statler from before the 90 days season 6 is the one who broke the news about Mary and Brandan getting fired. Now, we may see Brandan and Mary in the rest of episodes of the other way season 5, but there is a possibility that they won't be in the tell all episodes since they were fired according to Statler, and surely TLC won't cast them again in any of their future spin off shows.