Kimberly breaks her NDA and reveals why she went back to USA and left TJ in India

 Kimberly Rochelle from The Other Way season 5 recently had a Q&A session with her Instagram followers to give them a life update. While answering some of her fans questions, she broke her NDA by revealing why she left TJ in India and ran back to the United States without having any regrets.

30 year old Kimberly Rochelle and 33 year old Tejaswi "TJ" Goswami may be divorcing, according to the American reality TV star's cryptic Instagram story posts. Kimberly is a psychic aka unemployed millennial who's still living with her parents who reside in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Her "spirit guides" assisted her in seeing a man in her dreams, whom she claims to be Indian man called TJ, months before meeting him in person. TJ was the one who made the first move on Kimberly and contacted her via DMs on Facebook. The American then flew to her Indian man and spent a year in his country where they got engaged.

Kimberly realized how unfit her American habits were to the Indian culture, after she relocated to Jaipur permanently to get married to TJ. Her Indian Husband and her brother in law tried their best but couldn't persuade her to follow the rules and traditions of their Indian family. After running back the US without TJ, Kimberly decided to leak a few aspects about her storyline on Instagram, now that everyone saw on The Other Way season 5 that she already got married. Kimberly breaks her NDA and reveals why she went back to USA and left TJ in India #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #tea #tlc ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips

The 90 day fiance fan page @90sipsofrealitea screen recorded Kimberly's recent Q&A session, and uploaded it on their own page. In the video, a fan asked Kimberly: "Are you happy in India?". Kimberly responded:" No, absolutely not." She went on to say:" Number one, I'm not even in India, and two, whenever I am in India, I'm not happy".

When a curious 90 day fiancé fan asked Kimberly whether she brought TJ with her to the United States or Not, the American got triggered, and told the fan to mind their own business. Kimberly confessed to her Instagram followers that since she went back to the US, she feels free, and spends all of her days doing what she really wants. While if she stayed in India, TJ family is expecting her to be their maid and to serve them from dusk till dawn.

Kimberly is feeling betrayed by TJ because he lied to her. He promised her that she won't be a traditional Indian wife, while assuring her that after marriage there will be no tasks waiting for her to do to please his family. However, it was all lies, Tj waited until the wedding was over to bear her the bad news.