Scott reports Daniele to the cops after receiving d eath threats

 Scott Wern and Daniele Gates were both part of the 90 day spin off Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, however, not during the same season. This week, the fellow cast members were embroiled in a heated feud that ended with Scott calling the cops, after he started receiving d eath threats from Daniele's crazy fans.

It all started when Scott used his Instagram to flirt with Daniele. The 53 year old loves to act goofy on the internet to entertain his fans, so the flirtations were not serious, since he's been doing the same thing to many other female cast members from the 90 day fiancé shows.

Scott already has a girlfriend, but he decided to troll Daniele by posting this parody photo of of them together as a Love In Paradise couple. Despite looking real, the photo was photoshopped and made by the reality tv news website "". Daniele didn't appreciate the photoshopped post that Scott posted to his 63k Instagram followers, and she even sent him many texts on his private WhatsApp asking him to remove it.

From there, things escalated really quickly. After she demanded him to remove their fake picture together, Daniele sent a voice message to Scott asking him to stop using her name in his videos. Yohan's wife also told Scott to stop tagging her in his Instagram videos, and she forbid him from posting pictures of her on his social media feed. Daniele was fuming because her fellow cast member didn't respect her boundaries and kept ignoring her requests. E Scott calls the cops on Daniele after she released his phone number to her fans who sent him d eath threats #90dayfiance #thefamilychantel ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips

Daniele ended up blocking "e Scott" on WhatsApp and on all of her social media accounts, but it didn't end there. The other way season 5 cast member also leaked Scott's personal phone number to her fans, during one of her Instagram live streams, and that was a big mistake.

Some crazy fans of Daniele decided that it's their job to protect her from being trolled online, and they started calling Scott on his personal phone number. Daniele's fans told Scott that they will hurt him really bad if he didn't stop talking about Daniele, while others went straight and threatened to k*ll him.

Scott was shocked by the hostility of Daniele's fans, and he decided to call the cops and report to them what happened. He posted a picture of the sheriff SUV in front of his house, and he wrote as a caption:" Needs to stop!! I have enough evidence to pursue this. Make this very clear cease and desist!!!! If one word of me is mentioned, slandered., my number given out, I will pursue criminal and civil action !!!!". The respiratory therapist was in panic mode and was hoping that the police will be able to track those phone numbers who were sending him d eath threats.