Vanessa Slams TLC for not paying her Husband's $250K Hospital bills after getting him injured while filming

 Back in December 2022, Colt Johnson had a painful trampoline accident while secretly filming for TLC's new spin-off show 90 Day: The Last Resort. For a long period of time, he couldn't walk on his own, and he had to go through months of rehabilitation following that. Then, on January 7th, his wife Vanessa Guerra recounted what happened, revealing that the event occurred while filming a scripted scene in which Colt was instructed by TLC producers to go jump on a trampoline. Exceeding the weight limit may put undue strain on the trampoline and raise the danger of harm, and the TLC producers should have known better than to encourage Colt, who is overweight, to jump on a trampoline.

Vanessa is still resentful toward TLC to this day. Back when the television network started promoting its new spinoff show on Instagram, the former cast member commented, "will you be airing the footage of Colt breaking his leg for this show though?". Even with insurance, health care in the United States is prohibitively expensive, and Colt's surgery, rehabilitation, and medications are likely to have left the couple deeply in debt. Every reality tv cast member usually sign a contract when joining a new show, in that contract the tv network usually adds a hold harmless clause, which protects them, and makes them not responsible for any compensation in case a cast member gets injured, during the filming of the show. Which is probably why Vanessa is mad at the TLC network and promises to never work with them again.

There was recently a big event celebrating the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and many big names of the show we invited, either they were from the old seasons or the new ones. TLC didn't invite Colt and Vanessa which made them dislike the TV network even more. 

Vanessa went to her Instagram to slam TLC for using the cast members for their financial gain without caring about their wellbeing, and this is what she wrote on her Story caption:" LOL at people thinking sharp gives a sh*t about them. You're only valuable for content/bringing in $$. EVERYONE is easily replaceable. They literally left Colt in the hospital without a single phone call to check in on him because it was the weekend/after business hours and because we're not employees. We had to bug them the following week to ask about insurance and they couldn't be bothered to give us information until months later. Eventually, they gave us what seems like fake a** insurance to get us to stop bugging them. To this day not $1 has been paid and he's got over $250k in hospital bills. The only thing they were concerned about was could we make it to Florida even if he was in a wheelchair? Or could we still film from inside the hospital to document his journey? You guys should stop filming for them if you're that upset over not getting an invite.".

Vanessa message was directed mainly to TLC, and also to "Escott" who was ranting for days on his social media, because he also didn't get an invite to the big TLC event. Debbie's daughter in law made it clear that she was not begging the TV Network for money, since her health insurance covered most of the hospital bills, however, she wanted to expose TLC by describing it an as evil money hungry corporation who doesn't care about their contractors because they are replaceable.