Jasmine Breaks her NDA and explains why she left Gino after they got married

 Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo may not be a fan favorite, but they are definitely loved by the TLC producers because they will listen and do anything to stay on the show. After they ended filming for 90 Day Fiancé season 10, the pair appears to have separated. The show fans who follow Jasmine on Instagram have noticed that she's been traveling across the country by herself, also, she's been posting many cringeworthy Instagram stories, in which, she was trash-talking about Gino as if he was already one of her exes.

Gino did not appear in any of Jasmine's recent Instagram posts. A quick peek at the Latina's Instagram feed could lead you to believe she is a single woman. The mother of two is also not wearing her wedding ring, and it appears that she moved with "a friend" in New York after she left Gino alone in Michigan. Jasmine is known for being good at hiding secrets, and due to her NDA, she couldn't say much about what was really going on in her personal life. Recently, the reality TV star has been careless and she started to drop many hints about how she and Gino are no longer together.

Despite her efforts to spread positivity using her social media, Jasmine still looked depressed in most of her recent Instagram posts. It must be so hard for her to be on her own in the United States, while she still didn't legalize her stay in the country to be able to work and provide for herself. 

In her recent Instagram stories, she congratulated Gino's ex wife who recently got married and wished her all of the happiness in the world. At the same time, she threw some shade toward Gino and claimed that he was a horrible husband, which probably why she left him. Jasmine called Gino's ex wife a saint and she wrote as a caption on one of her recent Instagram stories:" Just by the record, Gino's ex wife has never been mean to me or anything else. I believe that woman is a SAINT for being married to Gino for 7 years. No-we're not friends either, but once again; I believe she's a good person from what I have heard".

90 day fiancé blogger "90daychisme" recently posted a screenshot from a conversation they had with a fan, in which there was another proof of the alleged split. 

The show fan claimed that she met Jasmine in real life and heard the reality TV star trash talking about Gino, confirming their split and then implying that "things aren't as they seem". Apparently, Gino did something so "unforgivable" that made her leave him immediately without looking back.