After social media pressure, Tim Malcolm officially reveals his s*xual orientation

 The 90 day fiancé official Instagram page has confirmed earlier this month, that Tim Malcolm will be featured on the new season of 90 Day The Single Life, which will premiere on the 1st of January. Tim has been a target for online trolls and bullies, who couldn't believe that the reality TV star was a straight male, and many of them kept asking him to "come out of the closet already". In a recent interview with entertainment tonight, Tim officially addressed his s*xuality, hoping that all the trolling and rumors about him will stop.

Most of the 90 day fiancé fans are still convinced that Tim is g@y, despite seeing him dating only women on Before The 90 Days and other 90 day fiancé spin offs. His metros*xual nature is the cause of that, and at the age of 43 year old, Tim is not willing to change who he is for anyone.

When asked by the entertainment tonight interviewer about his relationship with Kenny and the reason he called him "Daddy", Tim replied:" Kenny is a great guy. I love the friendship that we have and I'm very comfortable in my own skin and you know, people can say what they want, but I mean, it's more of a joke with Kenny... I always call him Gramps... I'll always have to point out that he's a significant amount of years older than me. So, it used to be Gramps and then I started calling him Daddy".

Tim was also asked during the Interview about his s*xual orientation in 2023, and his reply was:" In today's times there's really no reason to lie about it", which means, if Tim was g@y, he will openly say it publicly, because he's right, there is no reason to hide or to be scared about such topic in today's age.

The remarks about Tim's being G@y started, when the 3rd season of Before the 90 Days was aired. On the show, Tim was acting cold toward his young and hot Colombian former girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona. He even refused to sleep with her, after he brought her to the United States to stay at his house, and was more focused on taking care of his facial skin care routine. It didn't help when Armando called out Tim, on The Other Way season 5 tell all, for being so cuddly with his husband Kenny, during their last trip to New York, add to that, the fact that he was calling him "Daddy".