Scott lost his job, went broke and blames the 90 day fiance fans for it

 Scott Wern was recently being criticized by the 90 day fiancé fans on social media for playing the victim and for not taking accountability for his actions, after he blamed the "internet trolls and bloggers" for everything that went wrong in his life after being on the spin off show Love in Paradise season 3.

The 52 year old recently uploaded an Instagram reel, and in it he spoke about losing his job and also talked about his struggle to make ends meet while blaming everything on strangers online, who are destroying his public image with their social media comments and posts.

"EScott" is a Florida native and he rose to fame after appearing on Love In Paradise: The Caribbean with Pedro Jimeno's mother, Lidia Morel. Scott stood out at the time for his unusual appearance and won fans over with his personality. Also, due to the fact that most of the 90 day fiancé fans hate Lidia and Nicole, it wasn't hard for them to pick a side. Unfortunately, things quickly changed, and he was finally called out for his behavior. During the season, the American man ended his relationship with Lidia due to linguistic barriers, but eventually reconciled with his Colombian ex-girlfriend Liz. Unfortunately for him, by the end of the show, both of the Latina Women dumped him and refused to give him another chance.

Scott Wern's eccentric personality helped him become one of the franchise's fastest growing stars on social media. His Instagram @scott_wern_sr went from 7k followers to over 50k in less than one month. However, the reality star just announced that he will be taking a pause from social media due to unanticipated circumstances, plus he needs to focus on finding another job as soon as possible.

 Scott bitterly blamed Reddit trolls and bloggers for ruining his life. The drama began a few months ago, when he became a villain of the love in paradise show, especially after his encounter with his young ex Liz in the hotel. He kept fighting with his haters on social media in the months that followed, trying to teach them a lesson about respecting boundaries and respect so they could stop trolling him, and obviously that didn't work. In his video, the Florida native alleged that his critics began releasing chunks of his Instagram video reels without context, which cost him his job.

While Scott appeared to be genuinely devastated by his job loss, the 90 day fiance fans in the comments section of his recent social media upload indicated that he should only blame himself for what's happening to him. He had a short run on reality television that absolutely damaged his image. Later, he made matters worse for himself by threatening his detractors and threatening to make terrible comments on their profiles. Scott acted immaturely many times in responses to social media criticism he's been getting. Hopefully, the next time when he will be active again on social media, he's will understand that the number one rules of social media if you are a public figure is "to never read the comments".