Tiffany agrees to go on a date with Scott but under one condition

 Tiffany Franco from 90 Day Fiance was taken aback after watching Scott Wern's shirtless video in the shower, in which the Love In Paradise cast member expressed how much he admires her, and he also asked her out on a date. Back in 2020, Tiffany made her reality TV debut on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1. She got married to Ronald Smith, who's a gambling addict from South Africa, and she had a daughter with him. On Season 6 of Happily Ever After, Tiffany and Ronald's marriage was already hanging on a thin line, until she finally decided to divorce him when she was filming for The Single Life season 3.

On one of her recent Instagram reels, Tiffany told her followers how everyone kept sending her Scott Wern's flirting videos, which made her feel flabbergasted as soon as she watched them. At first, she responded to Scott's daring approach with skepticism, asking her Instagram followers whether she should give him a chance or not. The majority of Tiffany's fans agreed that giving Scott a chance will be a mistake, and asked her to publically tell him "Hell No" without thinking twice.

However, on another reel uploaded by the single mom this week, it looks like she thought about it, and she is now willing to accept Scott's offer but on one condition. She said that if her reel/video gets 1000 comments, then she is going to accept the Scott's invitation, and he can come hang out with her for one day with the terms and conditions that she gets to do his full face of makeup. She later asked her fans to share their opinions about that.

"E Scott" has been so active on his Instagram page @scott_wern_sr lately, he's been trying to rapidly grow his Instagram followers to surpass his other fellow cast mates on social media. And as soon as he saw Tiffany's answer on her social media, he Instantly responded with his own Instagram Reel. Scott filmed his video shirtless as always, addressing his haters and the internet Trolls who didn't think a date with Tiffany would ever happen. "It's happening, I think she's amazing, I think she's beautiful, and I'm psyched", he said.

While most things seem to be going well for Scott, there have been a lot of women on social media who are calling him out of cheating on them, and accusing him of dating multiple women at the same time, and this was before he was cast on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean. These women who are either angry exes or some one night stands who Scott didn't call the next day, are calling him a liar and an abuser. Some of them even went to the sheriff's department to look into Scott criminal records and found that he has a long history of minor and major crimes, from speeding tickets to even a couple of charges of domestic battery. You can find more information about that by following this 90 day fiance tea's Instagram page @90daychisme.