Scott reunites with his young Colombian girlfriend Liz, Shortly after dumping Lidia

 Scott isn't wasting any time after ending things with Lidia on a negative note. The unemployed respiratory therapist was full of emotions when he reunited with his young Colombian ex girlfriend, Liz, in the Dominican Republic after dumping Lidia. You can watch this scene when it will be aired next Monday, during the new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 3.

Lidia, known to 90 Day Fiancé viewers as Pedro Jimeno's mother, sought to find love with Scott during the new season 3 of the 90 day spin off show, but the spark was missing almost as soon as Scott arrived to the Dominican Republic to visit her. Due to the language barrier, the two could barely speak or have a deep conversation and the American eventually broke it up. Lidia and her daughter, Nicole, were not pleased with the breakup and accused "EScott" of never having good intentions in the first place.

In season 3 episode 10 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, which could be also the finale, Scott appeared completely over his recent breakup and wasted no time meeting up with his ex, Liz, in his hotel room. Clearly, there are still deep feelings there as Scott held back tears after hugging Liz. He could barely talk to the cameras, clearly excited to be back with Liz. As for Liz, she told cameras that they instantly clicked when they met, but she got freaked out when he started talking about marriage. She said that when she checked her old email, she saw that he had been messaging her for the last year and a half. She was touched and confessed that she's here to fight for him and assured that she won't leave him again.

But it appears that she will not have to fight. Scott claimed that he already prepared something special and invited Liz to a romantic retreat in Puerto Plata, which he had planned to share with Lidia if they stayed together. It looks like the 51 year old is going to propose to his Latina young girlfriend, so we will see how that goes in the next week's episode.

While Scott is ready and happy to move on, Lidia couldn't figure out why he was suddenly angry with their linguistic barrier. During their break up, he requested some translation assistance, since he was tired of utilizing applications to express himself to Lidia and stated that he still wants to remain friends with Lidia despite everything. According to Lidia who was so disappointed, Scott should not have traveled to her country to meet her in the first place.