Love in Paradise: Scott hurts Nicole and makes her cry

 There's trouble in paradise with Lidia and Scott, and her daughter, Nicole, isn't helping matters. Scott and Nicole clashed in an exclusive clip from Monday's 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 3 episode 8, as she confronted him about his decision to break his relationship with her mother and later disclosed that his younger ex girlfriend from Colombia is still in contact with him.

Nicole told Scott that he was not a good man. She also said that everything she suspected about him was correct. Apparently Scott was still talking with his ex girlfriend when he informed Nicole and her mom that he was not in communication with any of his exes anymore. She later called him a liar and a bull*****r. Nicole goes on to say in a separate interview that she feels guilty for introducing her mother to "eScott" and encouraging their relationship, as well as for repeating her claims that he is a bad man and a liar.

She then breaks down in tears as she recalls Lidia's anguish, stating, "First my father, now Scott.". My mother only wants to be loved. No more. No money, no social status, just a decent love. That's all. ". Lidia, who "does not speak English", sits on the ground and observes Nicole and Scott's furious argument.  Nicole escalates the fight by accusing Scott of wanting to pay for love and pleasure from younger women rather than taking love seriously like Lidia.

Pedro's sister kept yelling at Scott and assured him that the only reason a young woman would be interested in him, is for money and nothing else. Scott then tried to set up a scenario for Nicole, presenting the question, "What if she was with her ex, Alejandro?" which she swiftly dismissed.  Scott began to raise his voice, telling producers that he wanted the dialogue to be constructive and suggested that they should bring his children in to defend him.

Scott has had enough and walked away from Lidia and Nicole, declaring, "I'm done."  The American shocked Lidia, last week when he revealed that not only was the language barrier causing problems in their relationship, but also his much younger ex girlfriend had reached out to him and made him unsure about taking the next step with her.

Lidia and Scott have not confirmed or denied that they are still together following the events of Love In Paradise: The Caribbean. However, their Instagram pages reveal a lot about their current connection. Lidia and Scott stopped following each other on Instagram. They used to follow each other and appear to have unfollowed one another after they split up. Scott may have returned to his 29 year old ex girlfriend, who had abandoned him after taking his money. He should've given Lidia a chance to prove she was worth it because she genuinely cared about him.