Lidia reveals her stunning new look after being dumped by Scott

 Lidia from The family Chantel and love in Paradise season 3 had no luck finding her dream man after being single for almost 12 years. She also had a strained connection with her ex husband, Pedro's father, and as a result, she decided to appear in the new season of the spin off show and try to find love again. Unfortunately, she had a rocky dating relationship with her American boyfriend and got dumped by him before even they get to do the deed. But it appears that she has decided to alter her emphasis and prioritize herself. Pedro's mother was recently spotted at the gym, flaunting her revenge makeover.

Lidia and Scott had a terrific long distance relationship until they met in person. Initially, they were doing everything they could to make their bond work. However, the American quickly became frustrated due to the linguistic issue. Scott ended up dumping Lidia on camera as a result of one incident leading to another. Her aspirations had been so high that she was clearly upset this time. But it appears like she is currently dealing with her breakup productively.

A 90 day fiancé fan's boyfriend recently ran into Lidia and shared a photo with her on Reddit. In the photo, she was wearing a red bodysuit and gave a thumbs up to the camera. The 90 Day Fiance star had her hair in a bun and had probably paused for the photo while working out. As she flaunted her curves in the photo, it was clear that Lidia now has a trim physique. She was apparently wearing no makeup, and fans adored her natural looks. A Reddit user commented on the photo and said: "So much better without the thick strip of eyelashes." Another one remarked that the matriarch looked better without lashes and overdone lipstick.

The boyfriend who met Lidia shared some information about her. According to the thread, he lived close to the celebrity's home and was ignorant of this fact. When the boyfriend asked for a picture with the matriarch, she was really courteous to him and treated him well. The OP's boyfriend then inquired about Lidia's relationship with Scott. She said that everything was fine. However, people expected that the celebrity would not be able to discuss anything about the show because all reality tv's cast members usually sign an NDA. As a result, she may have made a covert remark, despite the fact that viewers now know she has split up with Scott.

Lidia and Scott have not confirmed or denied whether they are still together following the events of Love In Paradise: The Caribbean season 3. However, their Instagram pages reveal a lot about their current relationship. Lidia and Scott do not interact with each other new social media posts. They used to follow each other and appear to have unfollowed one another after they split up. Scott may have returned to his 29 year old ex girlfriend, who had abandoned him after taking his money. He should've given Lidia a chance to prove she was worth it because she genuinely cared about him.