Lidia reveals her new boyfriend after being dumped by Scott

 On Love In Paradise: The Caribbean season 3, Pedro Jimeno's mother, Lidia Morel, was dumped by her American boyfriend Scott Wern for a much younger lady named Liz, and she appears to have moved on. The 56 year old Dominican is most known to viewers as the villain in The Family Chantel. Lidia never got along with Pedro's wife, Chantel Everett, and although Pedro and Chantel are divorcing, Lidia appears as the primary character in an entirely different spin off show. Lidia who's a lawyer, met 51 year old Scott, who's respiratory therapist, through her daughter Nicole Jimeno's ex-boyfriend, Alejandro Padron, and began dating him in a long distance relationship.

Scott and Lidia communicated online for a year before he traveled to the Dominican Republic to meet her on Love In Paradise. Lidia was previously married to Pedro's father, but after their divorce in March 2010, she has been living as a single mom for 12 years. She gave love a chance with Scott, despite the fact that the two scarcely understood each other's languages. Scott had to utilize a translator to communicate with Lidia, which he exploited as a pretext to end their relationship. He said they had no chemistry and admitted he was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend, Liz.

Lidia and Scott are not following each other on Instagram anymore, after the show offered a significant indication about their relationship status. Lidia has been busy taking selfies to demonstrate how well she is coping without Scott, despite the fact that She was clearly upset when Scott dumped her on national television. In addition to healing from her loss, she has been working on herself and learning to embrace her body. Lidia posted multiple pictures on Instagram of herself working out in the gym and achieving a revenge body. While she is no longer young, she appears to be in good health for her age.

Nicole, Lidia's daughter, termed Scott a bad man and a liar for taking advantage of her mother when all he wanted was to be a sugar daddy for his young ex girlfriend. While Scott and Lidia's relationship ended on Love In Paradise, he wasted no time in reuniting with his 29 year old Colombian ex Liz in the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, Lidia perplexed her Instagram followers by posting a selfie of herself with an unknown male. She was sitting inside a car, and the mystery man was driving. As a post's caption, Lidia wrote: "An afternoon of interesting stuff.", and under that post, many of her Instagram followers were asking about the guy driving the car and wondering if whether he is her new boyfriend or just a friend.

On Instagram, Pedro's mom is a woman of few words. Her posts, on the other hand, are quite meaningful, especially after what happened to her on Love In Paradise: The Caribbean. Liz, Scott's ex-girlfriend, had ghosted him for a year and a half after stealing money from him and claiming to be from a destitute family. Lidia never attempted to use Scott for money or for a green card. Before being on the show, She had requested him not to come to see her if he was already dating or seeing someone else.

 At the end, she has found her peace in spirituality and her recent social media post about herself in prayer, possibly yearning for a new partner who will treat her decently and lovingly.