Chantel's message to Lidia after she got dumped by Scott

 After Pedro's mom Lidia got dumped by Scott Wern, 90 Day Fiancé's Chantel Everett made a subtle dig at former mother in law. Since her 90 Day Fiance season 4 debut, the 32 year old Georgia nurse became a beloved cast member in the program. When Chantel got married to Pedro, their relationship had many ups and downs with its never ending family turmoil aided the two in landing their own spin off show. On The Family Chantel, Lidia infamously chose Chantel Everett and used Pedro's marriage to harvest the American dollar to become one of reality TV's worst mothers in law.

Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel on May 27, 2022, after a month of separation, and it also freed Chantel from her mother in law's taunting. This time, though, it appears that Chantel is the one who is casting aspersions on Lidia. Chantel shared a photo on Instagram of an outside stove and stuff she had set fire to in it, and as a caption she wrote: "Karma Is A B****". Surprisingly, this post was uploaded when episode 8 of love in paradise the Caribbean season 3 was aired. During the episode, Nicole called out Scott for being a s*x tourist and the American ended up fuming and ended things with Lidia. Chantel deleted her post after she finished her gloating, but we managed to get a screenshot of it before it was gone.

"Is this about the episode with Pedro's mother, Love in Paradise?" "All I could think about was KARMA being a b****," a fan commented. Following the announcement of Pedro and Chantel's divorce, Lidia appeared in the 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise spin-off. Lidia's arrival was unexpected because she had previously only been known as Pedro's mother. On the show, Lidia met a younger American boyfriend from Florida who flew to the Dominican Republic for the first time to meet her. Scott, on the other hand, decided he didn't want to deal with their linguistic issues and was much more interested in reuniting with a younger Colombian ex.

Chantel appears to be one of the hundred thousands of people who saw or heard the news about Lidia's daughter Nicole Jimeno lashing out at Scott on the show. Scott, in turn, had labeled Lidia and Nicole crazy, and it appeared that he had escaped with his life from Pedro's toxic family. Chantel has also dodged a bullet since her life has improved dramatically since her divorce from Pedro. Chantel has dated celebs including Rich Dollaz and allegedly Drake. She's been to red carpet events and has advanced in her career. She makes a living as a travel nurse, which she was unable to do while still married.

During Nicole and Scott heated argument, The American was not allowed to explain himself because Lidia and her daughter shamed him and insulted him. Scott's rejection was, in some ways, what Lidia deserved for her years of hatred against Chantel. Scott may not have been aware of Lidia's behavior on 90 Day Fiancé or The Family Chantel, because if he was, he won't take a risk by putting himself into the "crazy" Dominican family.