After being dumped by Liz, Scott shoots his shot at Tiffany

 Scott Wern is doing his best to grow his social media followers and to extend his 15 minutes of fame after he was dumped by his Colombian girlfriend Liz, not so long after his split with Pedro's mom Lidia Morel on love in paradise season 3. Scott has his sights set on Tiffany Franco, another TLC cast member, and he boldly sent her a shirtless video professing his desire to date her. Scott's game had no shame when he recorded the video and declared that he has a crush on her and wanted a chance to win her heart. There is no doubt that the 52 year old American wants to be on another season of any of the TLC spin off shows, and this is his way to do it.

"E Scott" has done the most since joining the franchise, and it wouldn't be shocking if he targeted Tiffany, because she was still single after the end of the single life season 3, and also because she's one of the most famous cast members of the show with a large amount of followers on her social media. Meanwhile, the mother of two is still trying to figure out who is this crazy cast member who is begging her to give him a chance. Scott tried to play games with two women on national television and ended up alone. His Young Colombian ex Liz was immediately frightened off by his love bombing. And Now, after he lost everyone, he's set his eyes on Tiffany, however the 90 day fiance fans aren't having it.

Yesterday, Tiffany posted an Instagram reel which is a reaction video that shows Scott laying back on his leather couch, shirtless and asking her for a date. "Hello, Tiffany, I just want you to know that I think you're stunning, I have a little crush on you and think you're very attractive, and I'd love a chance to win your heart if you're interested.", Said Scott in a video with his eyes full of joy and hope. He later described himself as a good guy, with a big heart and the best intentions.

Tiffany who's single again in 2023 didn't say yes or no to Scott and kept the doors open. She and Ronald split multiple times in the last few years, with Tiffany swearing to divorce him following their most recent breakdown. Tiffany decided to give Ronald a chance, but he was cheating on her and dating another woman on the side. The South African and Tiffany appear to be on good terms now, and he video calls his daughter every day. Tiffany remains hoping that Ronald will visit them in America soon. Tiffany, who was dating the comedian Dan MacFarland after meeting him on season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life, announced their breakup in February 2023.

Tiffany has been working on herself and her well being now that she is single. Since her weight loss operation in June 2021, she has shed more than 80 pounds. She has a brand new wardrobe in which she has replaced the majority of her off the shoulder outfits. Her new hair also receives compliments and appears to be attracting the interest of cast members such as her fellow cast member Scott. If things work out for Scott and Tiffany at the end,  it's guaranteed that they will be together in a new season of the single life.