This is why Lidia got dumped by Scott

 There is trouble in paradise. The American respiratory therapist Scott Wern has stated that he does not have chemistry with Lidia Jimeno as they continue to struggle with their language barrier. He was also feeling embarrassed after Lidia called him out for being a s*x tourist because in the past, Scott used to fly to South American countries and pay money to young Latina women so they a "sexy spend" time with him. In a clip from next week's episode of love in a paradise season 3, we will see frustrated 52 year old Scott enlisting the help of the show's translator to connect with Lidia.

When Scott was still in Florida, he felt like it was easier to talk to Lidia because they were sending eacg other short translated texts every day. But when he came to the Dominican Republic and spent hours with her, he was not feeling that connection anymore. The Florida native claimed that communicating with Lidia was challenging because they had to rely on an app that didn't always operate. "I'm just f-king frustrated with the whole thing," he continued.

Lidia emphasized her confusion in a confessional, citing Scott's previous statement about him not caring whether they speak the same language or not. At the moment, Lidia was surprised when Scott said that he couldn't take it anymore. Slowly, the Dominican is starting to dislike her new man because of his little patience with her.

When chatting with Scott, the mother of two stated that she does not believe their language barrier is a problem and that he is not putting in the time to make their relationship work. Scott confessed  that he really cares about Lidia and has invested a lot of time getting to know her. He added that Lidia is a beautiful person, and he was feeling so bad because the chemistry between them is almost non existent.

Scott met Lidia online and chatted with her for a year before traveling to the Dominican Republic to see her in person. 56 year old Lidia who has only had one serious relationship in her life told the camera that she hopes that Scott is worth the wait, because she didn't waste 12 years of her life waiting for nothing. The difficult conversation seen on the May 29 teaser was not the first time the couple has had difficulties as a result of their different languages.

Scott and Lidia appeared to be better together when they were in a long distance relationship. Based on his history of dating exclusively young women, it looks like the American is just another clout chaser, who's only on the show to get his 15 minutes of fame. After the show ends, Scott is probably leaving Lidia for good and won't see her ever again.