Lidia's feeling defeated after Scott revealed the age of his ex

 On 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 3 episode 4, Lidia, her daughter Nicole and her boyfriend Scott were sitting at a diner together. Nicole was there to help the couple with their language problem and also to question Scott to find out his real intentions with her mom. Things got heated when Nicole grilled Scott with a set of personal questions, one of them was about his ex girlfriend from Colombia.

Nicole asked Scott about what happened to his ex and why there were no longer together. The American answered so calmly, and explained that the ex just decided to ghost him one day, and she stopped communicating with him, and since then they have never seen each other ever again. Nicole then heated up the topic even further by asking the 51 year old how old his younger ex is. Scott showed off his basic Spanish by saying 29 in Spanish. Nicole, taken aback, interprets the answer to Lidia in Spanish, who raises an eyebrow at the revelation.

Lidia told the producers that she was aware that Scott had a Colombian girlfriend before they began dating. She was, however, unaware of her age, which happened to be the same as his daughter's, prompting her to wonder, "What is he doing with me?". In the diner, Nicole continued to talk on behalf of her mom, to help her understand Scott's intentions even better. The American who is eight years than Lidia, used to favor dating younger women, so dating an older woman is kind of new to him. To calm everyone down, the Arizona native said that age was just a number to him and he stated that everything comes down to personality and whether or not they will click.  Nicole speculated in her interview that Scott's ex may have been in it for the money because she didn't believe that a young Colombian woman will be with Scoot for love.

To change the subject, Nicole inquired of her mother whether Scott has purchased any gifts for her. When Lidia said no, Nicole said that she didn't understand, given how much money he spent on his ex, why he didn't spend anything on her mom yet, even one dollar!

Scott took advantage of the situation to reveal that he has, in fact, acquired something special for Lidia, and that he chose it with the assistance of his mother, who helped him pick a gift for Lidia gift prior to his arrival in the Dominican Republic. When Scott got up to fetch it from the table, Lidia was perplexed by the revelation and she looked so defeated, knowing that she couldn't compete with younger women whom Scott was used to date.