Angela was caught inappropriately harassing a younger man in Public

 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem doesn't seem to be bothered after she got dumped by her younger Nigerian husband, who just arrived in the United States. The crazy Grandma was recently spotted at a local bar, and she was acting inappropriately towards a younger man.

Since Michael Ilesanmi escaped, Angela Deem has been acting weird. She's been posting cringy motivational quotes on her Instagram stories to throw shade at people who did her wrong. She and Michael were never a good fit; However, she is enjoying her life as a D-list celebrity and tried to drag her marriage as long as possible to be cast again on the reality tv show. Michael and Angela's relationship had numerous difficulties throughout the years, and they almost got a divorce in 2022 because they couldn't resolve their trust issues.

Based on events from her past, excessive drinking usually makes Angela Deem either vi0lent or ar0used. The reality tv star was caught on camera in both conditions before, and as long as her fans keep enabling her bad behavior, Angela will be never be held accountable for her actions.

A Reddit user recently uploaded a video in the 90 Day Fiancé Sub Reddit and wrote as a caption:" Angela acting a fool in the Palm Springs area.". In the video, Angela Deem was throwing herself at a handsome guy, who was minding his own business. She made him feel uneasy and awkward by rubbing her wrinkled skin all over him, and she even touched him inappropriately.

Angela acting a fool in the Palm Springs area
byu/Atomic_betty77 in90dayfianceuncensored

Now if the genders were reversed, and a man did this, he would be charged with s*xual assault and would finish the night in a jail cell. The Redditors who saw the disturbing video were not surprised by Angela's nasty behavior, and many of them criticized her for it. A Reddit user wrote:" Yea this is disgusting and extremely inappropriate. He looks so uncomfortable and if the roles were reversed and it was a man running his j*nk all over some poor young clearly not into it girl that would be an immediate kick out and ban from the establishment ", and another one added:" Her appearance is one thing, but the worst part about this video is how she’s treating this man. He is clearly not interested.".

The man was awkwardly smiling because the ladies around were cheering and enabling Angela's bad behavior. He was uncertain about how to react while being trapped in an extremely uncomfortable situation.