Angela Deem was caught giving her friend a beating in public (video)

 Angela Deem, star of 90 Day Fiancé, was filmed giving her former friend Jennifer Dilandro the beating of her life. There was a physical altercation that left Angela bleeding. Before becoming a household figure thanks to her romance with 34 year old Michael Ilesanmi, the 57-year-old worked as a nursing assistant in a hospice. While Michael appeared to be after Angela for a green card and even cheated on her, she was the real villain in their relationship because of her vile character and abusive ways.

The US Sun has obtained video of Angela fighting with her pal Jennifer, or Jen, whom she introduced during a Tell-All of happily ever after season 7. A source told the Sun that Angela and Jennifer from Dolce Aesthetics argued inside their cab on the way to their hotel. The two had gone to a Reality Lip Sync event and arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn Midtown, Park Avenue just before 2 a.m. when the debate turned violent and the two began fighting in the hotel lobby. Jennifer shouted: "Get the f*** off of me!" in one video as the receptionist tries to separate the two.

Trashy Angela trashes another friendship early this morning (8/2/23) in NYC! (Does she think she is a star???) 🤔😬
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In another video, Jennifer is kneeling in front of a couch, with Angela on top of her, attempting to yank her hair as Jennifer yells, "Get off of me! " Get off my back! " This is when the NYPD allegedly came on the scene, and Jennifer and Angela parted ways. However, an eyewitness claims to have witnessed them yelling at each other once more. Angela then began wandering the streets of New York barefoot. She was overheard telling the cops, "I didn't do s***." Then there's the fourth video, in which Angela, clad in a dazzling gold gown, is attempting to get her bags via the hotel elevators while still yelling at her buddy. 

Angela Deem kept screaming and cursing at her former friend, she called her a: "F***ing mob" and "a b**** Housewive", then she added:" You'll always want to be a star, You're like Tonya, You'll never be a star, but you'll always want to be a wannabe, I loved you, but...". Angela's skin had started to bleed at her arm as a result of the fight. According to the Sun's source, an NYPD Public Information Officer confirmed the report and said:" Yes, we received a 911 call at the address you provided at 1:31 a.m. There were possibly two females fighting, they were buddies".

Nobody appears to have been arrested. The females declined to give police any information about the occurrence. Furthermore, Angela and Jennifer both declined medical attention. Since she's been on many 90 day fiance shows and spin off, Angela Deem started to think that she was an A-list celebrity, while in reality she's barely a D-list celebrity. She lost the few good friends that she had before joining the show, and now everyone around her is a clout chaser who is looking to get their 15 minutes of fame in one of tell all. Angela has been called out on numerous occasions for her violent behavior, but this time she appears to have taken things to a new level by injuring her own best friend, whom she's frequently seen on Instagram having Botox and facial treatments at Jennifer's NYC office.