90 Day Fiancé: Drunk Angela harasses a young man in public

 Ninety Day Fiancé stars Angela Deem and her husband Michael Ilesanmi is one of the most toxic couple who ever been in the TLC reality hit show. Many of the viewers are tired of Angela and want her to be fired from the franchise. They called her out for being an abuser and a hypocrite for wanting her husband to delete his Instagram and all of his social media, while she can keep hers. She's been caught many times in public and on the show flirting, dancing and inappropriately touching other men in bars, clubs and even on the show.

Angie and Michael Ilesanmi are currently being a part of 90 day fiancé happily ever after season 7 and on the show, we see them mostly feuding about the Instagram account subject. But that doesn’t mean that Michael is done with the baby subject. Angela is too old and her body can't handle to "tote" a baby in her condition, and her Nigerian husband will sooner or later want to have a baby since every man coming from a third world country will want to have kids at some point and this maybe will be the final straw that will end their union.

The 56 years old grandma has never given the viewers a reason to like her. Thanks also to the producers of the show who also edit the episodes in a way that makes her look as evil as possible, we will never know how the real Angela is unless you meet her and talk to her in person. However, and based on what we are seeing on the show, one of her many, numerous flaws is hypocrisy. She can make outrageous demands of Michael that the American will never do herself because she believes that her husband is a serial cheater and she's an angel and a good wife.

Last summer, a video on Angela was circulating on the internet, showing her erotically dancing with an old guy at random bar. And just this week, a new video was released by a fan of Angela who was caught dancing with a much younger man who seems to be fully drunk and who is not her husband in an establishment in New Orleans. This happened probably last week, during her Halloween party back in October 29th where she had a live performance and sang few songs.

Sometimes, D list celebrities will do fun and spontaneous things with their fans in public to create a buzz online and to stay relevant. But, very few will dancing this provocatively or aggressively .We wish that this extremely bossy dance was consensual for Angela’s dance partner who seems to be either so drunk or high as a kite to realize what he put himself into. Whatever Angela is doing in public, is not helping to improve her image within the 90 day fiancé community. Her actions are inappropriate, and she's humiliating her husband on tv in front of millions of viewers by doing this. Michael for sure deserves better than this, and many of his fans jokingly said that the Nigerian deserves to get his green card after being so patient with Angela before and during their marriage as no one will put up with such person.