Angela is showing off her new man to make her husband, Michael, jealous

 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem is known for being abusive and manipulative. Her Nigerian husband left her two months ago, and she will never forgive him for betraying and humiliating her in front of the world. Instead, she is working with her lawyers day and night to build a case to get Michael deported. Additionally, Angela is now dating someone new and publicly flaunting their relationship on social media, hoping to make her estranged husband jealous.

During her TikTok live last Tuesday, Angela Deem was under the influence and experienced a mental breakdown. She expressed frustration about people and bloggers dragging her name on the internet while she was unable to defend herself and reveal the truth about her relationship with Michael due to her NDA with TLC. Angela pleaded with her haters to stop following her on social media because she could no longer handle the online hate and bullying.

The current situation with Angela is akin to when a bully becomes the victim. For years, her husband and other cast members from the 90 Day Fiancé reality TV shows have been subjected to her bullying behavior. However, when the 90-Day Fiancé community called her out for her actions, she tried to portray herself as the victim, hoping to gain sympathy. Unfortunately, her plan didn't work.

Angela Deem was seen cuddling with a younger African American male in her most recent Instagram story. The reality TV star is hoping her Nigerian husband will see the video reposted by a fan page and become upset or jealous of her actions, but little does she know, Michael does not care about her, and the only reason he hasn't left her before is because he wanted to come to the United States first. Michael Ilesanmi couldn't wait to get Angela out of his life, just as show fans can't wait to see Angela's face removed from their favorite reality TV show. 

While Angela's recent Instagram story was intended to be cute, fans on social media were left disgusted as it was not the first time that the 58-year-old grandmother had publicly harassed a young man.