Angela scares her fans after having a mental breakdown during her recent TikTok Live (Full Video)

 Yesterday, 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem had a manic episode during her live session on TikTok. It appears that being on reality TV for seven years has had a devastating impact on her mental health. Additionally, her Nigerian husband's unexpected departure upon arriving in the United States left her feeling humiliated and betrayed, which further added to her heartbreak. Furthermore, she has been relentlessly targeted with online criticism and hate ever since her first appearance on reality TV.

The combination of everything overwhelmed her, leading to a public mental breakdown. During yesterday's TikTok Live, Angela Deem became angry and verbally attacked various people, including TikTok's employees, using profanity, which led to the social media platform shutting down her live video and imposing restrictions on her account. This means that Angela is currently unable to go live or earn money through TikTok until the restriction is lifted, which has further fueled her frustration.

Many 90-Day Fiancé fans assumed that TLC dropped Angela Deem due to her ongoing off-screen drama with her Nigerian husband. However, this has not been confirmed, and it won't be easy to remove her scenes with Michael from the 8th season of Happily Ever After. It is because the cast members have already filmed the Tell All episodes, and the show editors will need a miracle to remove or blur Angela out of the footage without ruining the show. Additionally, Angela is known for being involved in everyone's business, which would make it even harder to edit her out of the Tell All episodes.

Angela Deem had a manic episode from 90Snakes on Vimeo.

The video above is a 10-minute screen recording of Angela's TikTok live before the social media platform shut it down for harassment and bullying. Angela Deem appeared to be under the influence and became verbally aggressive by the end of the TikTok live. She directed her anger towards those criticizing her and asked them to remove themselves from her life. She pleaded with them to stop following her social media accounts, as she didn't want any more negativity in her life.

Angela Deem expressed her frustration with TLC and their lawyers because they made her sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and prevented her from speaking up while others were tarnishing her name. The reality TV star promised her loyal fans that she would speak out when legally allowed and that everyone who wronged her would apologize. Angela also called out her husband, Michael, for scamming her in front of the whole world and labeled all Nigerian men as scammers. She even threatened reality TV blogger "Kikiandkibbitzand criticized TikTok employees for giving her a warning about bullying and harassment instead of taking action against the people who were writing hateful comments during her livestream.