Jennifer's official statement after she got a$$aulted by Angela

 Angela's recent leaks have positioned her as one of the most hated cast members on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Some viewers may have admired her for being a strong and independent woman who doesn't stop until she gets what she wants, however, everything changed when Angela lost weight and began mistreating her husband and everyone around her. She also began to exhibit many acts of violence toward others including her Nigerian which harmed her social image even more. After giving her friend Jennifer the beating of a lifetime in a hotel lobby after a charity event that they attended together, it was clear that Angela Deem is in fact a menace to society, she needs to be cancelled once and for all and not to be cast again by TLC, because her actions are destroying the network's public image.

Jennifer Di Landro is speaking out just two days after 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem got into a physical confrontation with her. The owner of Dolce Aesthetics explained to InTouch magazine why she and Angela got into a quarrel in the first place.

The Aesthetician first statement was:" Angela and myself hold a close bond, Due to unfortunate events, things got heated but we have since discussed and cleared the air. It's funny, I was just taking her back to her hotel to make sure she got there OK and picking up my car to go home. It actually looked worse than what it was ". From the look of it, Jennifer still cares for Angela even after the assault, and she doesn't want to say something that will hurt her reputation even more.

 She later added:" No one threw punches and no one hit anyone. That is false! It’s an event that I can speak for myself, as a grown woman with a business, should have never happened. I just wanted to go home. But as I before said, everything is fine and we are good. Life has a learning curve for everyone and hopefully there will be a good take away from this".

Right there and after that last statement, we knew that Jennifer was lying for her friend, because if you watched the video of their fight, clearly they touched and punched each other,  plus Angela was grabbing and pulling her hair when she was on her knees laying toward a couch in the hotel lobby. Not only that but Angela Deem's arm was also bleeding after the altercation ended.

"There is no need to rehash" Jennifer said when asked what triggered the fight. She ended her Statement by saying:" It has been completely resolved, but I will state that it has nothing to do with each other. It was because of a third party who did not treat Angela properly".

Angela and Jennifer have been friends with benefits for years but not in a se*ual way. While Jennifer was giving Angela free Botox injections every now and then, the 90 day fiancé star who has over 800k followers on her Instagram was promoting Jennifer's "Dolce Aesthetics" beauty clinic to her thousands of female followers on social media which was beneficial to her business. Their fight could be real or maybe a publicity stunt to make a buzz around Angela's name, so that people will google it and see that she's will be part of the new 90 day spin off show "The Last Resort", which will premiere on August 14th.