90 Day Fiancé: Yara slammed by fans for putting her daughter's life in danger

 Any cast member storyline that the viewers see during any of the 90 day fiancé shows either it's real or scripted can be interesting or entertaining. However, what happens to cast members in real life can be even more dramatic than what's happening during the show. The new year started with a bang, 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever season 7 Tell-All part 1 was everything the fans were expecting, it was full of explosive confrontations and broken relationships being exposed to the public.

That's what was happening on tv, but more controversial things were happening in everyday life of the happily ever after cast members. On the first day of the new year, Angela got cancelled for a racist Instagram post that she was forced to delete after being pressured by the TLC Public relation team and her close friends. And now, Yara is being slammed by the fans for driving her car without putting the sit belt, while filming a TIKTOK video with her Daughter Mylah who was sitting on her lap. The viewers were furious about the incident and shared their anger and opinions on social media as usual.

Yara Zaya felt the pressure and immediately understood that what she did was wrong. For sure many of the fans left comments on her TIKTOK and Instagram profiles and have been sending her many direct messages saying that she's a bad mom and how could she drive with her daughter in front without a seat belt. The Ukrainian deleted the video today after the backlash, but we managed to get a copy of it. Also, many in the 90 day fiancé community took a screenshot of the video and shared it on social media like Reddit to rant about what happened.

In Yara's defense, we don't think that she was the driver, but we can confirm that she was in the one of the front seats and that the car was moving and was not stopped during the shooting of the video. What she did is still unacceptable, Mylah is 2 years old and by law is most countries any kids aged 12 years old or younger should be sitting in the back seats as a safety measure.

Beside the front seat and seat belt incident, the viewers didn't appreciate that Yara is letting her daughter use the B word at a young age. Many are calling it a bad parenting, even if Yara was just trying to do what social media life style influencers do which is uploading and sharing funny and cute family videos with their fans. One Frustrated Reddit user wrote:" Yara god dammit. Do you want that child to become a projectile? It takes one a**hole tailgating you too close to ki** your child while another concerned fan commented:" Yara would not do this if she saw what my son as a Firefighter saw. The mother had and unrestrained baby that ended up cram*ed in the glove compartment. He found her and still suffers flashbacks and nightmares."

After what happened, Yara for sure had learned her lesson to not do unnecessary and dangerous actions just for a social media post. She's still a great mom for Mylah and all parents make mistakes all the times.