90 Day Fiancé: Angela Deem is getting cancelled over a racist post

 The biggest villain of the 90 day fiancé franchise is hitting the news again. Angela Deem's recent Instagram post has been found distasteful and racist by many of the viewers. The 57 years old disabled the comments on all of her social media accounts in the last couple of months because of haters, but recently opened them again and she's going to regret it.

The 90 day fiancé fans have been asking TLC for years to get Angela permanently removed from the Franchise, calling her an abuser, trashy and a bully, but little they know that these character traits are what any reality tv show producers are looking for in a cast member. So the more controversial she is, the more she will be cast again for new 90 day fiancé spinoffs and she may even get a raise for being the way she is. Normal and so called "Boring" couples are mostly unwanted by TLC because most people watch reality tv shows for the drama. More drama means more viewers and more viewers means more ad revenues and sponsors for the TV Network.

From the trailer of the tell all of 90 day fiancé happily ever after season 7, we saw Angela already making a big scene while entering the studio. She started by calling Big Ed a "crazy m*ther***ker". Just after that, she showed the middle finger to Usman before starting a big and vile verbal fight with him, calling him the worst names you can imagine. She ended her big entrance by fighting and screaming at Yara, who asked her to calm down and to sit so that Shaun Robinson can start the tell all. The Georgia native couldn't handle everyone coming at her so she stormed off and left the studio early, but for sure she will be back later on.

Not that the viewers need another reason to dislike Angela more than they already do, but on the 31th of December just a few hours before the new year 2023, she posted an Instagram reel with a distasteful and racist text on it that says: "Once you go Black you never go Back, But once you go Yellow, you never do another fellow". A few minutes later, the post went viral and was reposted everywhere on social media like Reddit, Instagram and now Facebook. Hundreds thousands of people saw it and got furious because of it and immediately. They started to write comments calling her a racist and asking TLC to fire her as soon as possible or else they will stop watching and supporting the show.

In Angela's defense, she didn't create the post, it belongs originally to her Doctor Lawton Tank. She just shared a video of them together with doctor Obeong, but the text on the photo is still wrong since there are some words and expressions that can only be said or used by a certain demographic and not by Caucasians or else it's racist.

Many viewers are still fuming with anger because of this post and they sure know how to describe exactly how they feel about it and you can see this in the comments section of the same post on Reddit. Meanwhile, everyone else is waiting for the tell all episodes, which will be so exciting and most likely full of surprises, drama and new revelations.