90 Day Fiancé: Yve arrested for domestic violence

 Ninety day Fiancé's Yve and Mohamed intend to go in their separate ways, after the cheating scandal and the domestic violence allegations wrecked their marriage. The couple doesn't seem to get along, plus Mohamed not being able to work while waiting for her work permit has made things worse for them.

According to an authority report obtained by People magazine, which is a legit American weekly magazine that specializes in celebrity news and human-interest stories, on August 15, Yve was charged with Battery and Assault Against a Household Member by the Albuquerque Police Department. This was coming from an alleged altercation with the woman now-estranged husband. Yve's reps are questioning all of the allegations of abuse, calling them "false" and made up by Mohamed in an effort stay in the U. S. and avoid deportation.

What Mohamed did was so deceitful, he made these false accusations to create a case, so on the occasion that Yve will divorce and try to deport him back to Egypt, he would have a back up plan which is applying for the U-Visa to stay in the United States. The U nonimmigrant status (U visa) is set aside for victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity. Of which way, he would secure himself and not get deported. A rep for the Dominton Talent house which represents Yve, told the Entertainment Tonight talk show :"There is no proof of Mohamed’s home-based violence allegations against Yve. From my understanding, there exists footage from Yve’s home that night, and there isn't really anything that came than it. It’s merely a really strange scenario."

The claimed altercation is said to have taken place after  the tell all part 1, after Yve and the producers of the show have learned that Mohamed Abdelhamed cheated on Yve with a mystery woman with whom he was planning to move after he leaves and divorces his wife.

While it seemed like they were a happy couple during the tell-all part one, Yve noticing the text messages between her husband and another woman has changed everything. At the end of the tell all part two, a tearful Mohamed confessed that he met someone online who was simply “very nice” and at first they were just friends, but later on, their feelings, mostly his, started to get involved.  Mohamed claimed he eventually told the woman to stop texting him since he and she were both married, and said that he still loves Yve and really regrets what he did and that his wife deserves better than this.

In our article, we showed the leaked text messages that Mohamed sent to the mystery woman. In which the Egyptian native claimed that he was only using Yve to get his green card. One of the alleged text messaging from Mohamed also reads: "I would just keep you in bed for days", so it seems like he is full of himself and thinks that he's a king in bed, which what he said during the tell all while arguing with Yve's friend. The issue is, Mohamed sent texts to multiple women actually, but only got caught speaking with one. In an official statement he said: "I texted these women and told them, I am a married man. Please stop texting me now, '" Mohamed then admits: "I know I actually did wrong. I told the same story to my wife and assured her that it will never happen again. I do love Yve, and she doesn’t deserve that."

Yve"s representative also claims that Mohamed’s main goal was to stay in the US at all costs. So while the process will not be easy, the rep assured that Yve will be working together with an all-woman team, which includes an immigration lawyer, to help her through these hard times and to make sure that things go as easily as they can for her.