90 Day Fiancé: Mohamed exposed and caught cheating on Yve (with proof)

 Cheating is cheating, either physical or emotional, and since the first episode of 90 day fiancé season nine, the viewers felt so suspicious of Mohamed Abdelhamed and didn't trust his intentions with Yve.

Before episode fifteen, when Mohamed finally started to be sweet to Yvette and proposed to her before their romantic dinner, the couple was having a hard time being together under one roof. At the point where Mohamed has had enough of the long waiting time for Yve to file for his paperwork, and was seriously thinking of getting a new sponsor, since his fiancé wasn't fast enough and was more focused on her dream wedding than on his feelings and situation.

Apparently, while Yve was working full time plus extra hours to support him and her boy Tharan and to have enough money to pay for the wedding, Mohamed has been sitting at home all day taking care of his special needs stepson and getting more and more resentful everyday thinking about how long it's going to take for him to get his legal stay paperwork done and how many more months he will have to wait to get his work permit and eventually his green card.

The 25 years old Egyptian, couldn't wait to finally start working legally and earning money in the United States, so he can send some and support his mom back home. He always had a close good relation with his mom who he won't able to visit until he gets his green card.

Apparently, The youngster is done waiting, and got tired of sitting at home working as a full time carer for Tharan. Also being fully financially supported and controlled by Yve hurt his Arabic man ego, so he decided to find a way out, and this is when the emotional cheating scandal started.

Mohamed has been talking to a woman online, apparently they never met, but they've been calling and texting each other for days while Yve was at work. In some recent leaked text messages by the woman herself and with the help of the owner of a 90 day fiancé fan Instagram page called @merrypants, the Egyptian native was exposed and caught emotionally cheating on his American fiancé. Based on what's written in his texts, he's totally done with Yve and can't wait to get his green card so he can finally leave her and start the life that he's meant to live. He also wanted her to keep paying for everything and was furious to the Idea that once he starts working, he will have to pay his share for rent and utilities.

Now who is this mystery woman? And why she decided to expose Mohamed after flirting and speaking with him for days? Some of the fans have a theory, that this woman is actually one of Yve's friends, from her squad, Who created a fake account and tried to lure Mohamed to learn about his real intentions and motives with her best friend Yve. We saw before that the "squad" care so much for Yve and don't want her to change who she is and how she dresses just to please her Muslim man. Whatever happens now to the couple, we won't be able to see the results of it because the tell all episodes were already filmed, unless Mohamed or Yve release an official statement on their social medias to give us an update.