90 Day Fiancé: The leaked audio recording that got Yve into legal trouble

 Right after Yve was arrested for assault and battery with a warning, an audio recording was uncovered of the 90 Day Fiancé star shouting at her now ex-husband Mohamed, in which she was using a violent and vulgar language toward him to express her frustration with him. All is part of her Egyptian man's plan, which is looking like a victim so that he can officially divorce her an stay in the United States on a U nonimmigrant status or the so called U visa.

We got a copy of the shocking audio recording of the noisy fight between 90 Day Fiancé Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed, that was also leaked on Reddit and Instagram. Nothing is going well lately for the single mom from Albuquerque, Yve who fell in love with a younger man from Egypt, who slid into her DMs after liking a picture of her in Bikini on Instagram is starting to regret her recent life decisions. At the start, Yve and Mohamed’s relationship appeared like any other storyline on the TLC show featuring a new couple with a huge age gap, but the viewers have noticed that Yve and Mohamed’s beliefs and values didn’t match. Yve, who's a hard working woman, wasn’t someone who’d treat Mohamed like his mother, while she herself had a son with special needs. Mohamed had many other issues, such as requesting Yve to convert to Islam and pushing her to file for his visa paperwork.

In spite of the challenges and all of the red flags, Yve and Mohamed got married anyways. Mohamed was hot headed at first, eventually he agreed to compromise and let Yve have her dream wedding. As a joke, he said that: "good that they got married so he can stay with his current sponsor and doesn't have to look for a new one", but the viewers felt like his comment was serious and not sarcastic. As mentioned in our article, The Egyptian native got exposed for cheating on Yve with another woman, it started with a friendship and quickly developed into something more. She even delivered him gifts and money for about two months. Yve uncovered Mohamed’s affair a couple of months ago, since many screenshots of the text messages between the cheaters were publicly published online. 

It was confirmed that Yve and Mohamed split after less than a year of marriage, and the man from Alexandria, Egypt moved out of her house to remain with his friend. On Monday, a Reddit user called u/Prestigious-Box-2329 published a recording of a fight between Yve and Mohamed which we don't know how he got it from Mohamed, maybe he sent it to the mysterious woman who exposed him and she ended up releasing everything to the public. The post has seemingly been deleted, but was reposted by other Instagram pages, and even one of the fans send us a copy. The three-minute audio recording has Mohamed recording a screaming Yve as he asks her, “so what is your problem I don’t know. ” Yve replies that her problem is Mohamed not helping her with things like putting the laundry away. “You can’t be talking to me personally like that, ” Mohamed tells a screaming Yve, who then asked him to “shut up.”

And the arguing continues, you can listen to the full conversation if you play the YouTube video above. While we wish that the 90 Day Fiancé camera crew was there to film everything in live, it's clear to everyone that Yve and Mohamed’s relationship is so close to be done for good. Yve is still married to Mohamed on paper, but she's working with her legal team to get her marriage terminated and to send the scammer back to Egypt. The viewers think that Mohamed was setting Yve up for domestic violence accusations by pushing Yve to the brink and covertly recording her. It seems Yve’s publicist claims the domestic abuse accusations have been falsified by Mohamed, who wants a U-visa, which is arranged aside for nonimmigrant victims of certain crimes who have suffered or are suffering from mental or physical misuse.