Did Asuelu Get Deported Back To Samoa After His Split From Kalani?

 The last time we saw Asuelu Pulaa on reality TV was during the first season of 90 Day Fiance's new spin-off show, The Last Resort. This new show featured couples from previous seasons of the main show and spin-offs experiencing relationship or marital issues and were on the brink of divorce. The show producer invited the couples to spend two weeks at an all-inclusive resort in the beautiful Florida Keys, where they received group and individual therapy sessions to work on their relationships.

While filming for The Last Resort, Kalani bravely confronted her husband, revealing his infidelity and overall lack of responsibility in their marriage. It became apparent that her husband displayed a troubling pattern of neglect, expecting her to bear more children while he struggled to maintain stable employment. Since arriving in the United States, Asuelu had been mooching off his father-in-law, Low, and having affairs with multiple women, which made everyone around him doubt his independence and commitment to Kalani.

During their couple therapy sessions, Asuelu received two shocking news from his estranged wife, Kalani. The first bad news was that his wife took the "hall pass" and had a romantic relationship with a new man named Dallas, and they fell in love. The second piece of bad news was that she didn't file for his permanent green card after his conditional green card expired. She also promised to start the divorce process, which meant that Asuelu could soon be in immigration trouble and could be deported.

According to Asuelu's social media activities, it seems that he's still in the United States, thanks to Kalani committing immigration fraud by not initiating the divorce process even though they are no longer together as a couple. Kalani has moved on with a new man named Dallas, had a baby with him, and has not ended her marriage with Asuelu. Kalani may be hesitating to divorce Asuelu because, although he was not a good husband, he is a dedicated father who loves their two sons and spends much time with them. She doesn't want to ruin that by putting him in immigration limbo.