Darcey Silva teams up with a med spa to promote her "Darcey Doll Package"

 After TLC canceled her spin-off show, Darcey Silva will not appear on any other shows in 2024. The reality TV star will be 50 years old this year, and she's now enjoying the perks of her reality TV fame by living as a beauty and cosmetic surgery Instagram influencer. With 1.6 million followers on her Instagram page, Darcey receives free treatments, dinners, beauty products, and significant discounts each time she needs plastic surgery in exchange for promoting the businesses providing these services.

The mother of two recently partnered with a New York med spa called "Med Spa Boss Academy." In a video posted by Darcey and the med spa on Instagram, the reality TV star received Botox shots in multiple spots on her face, and she also got lip fillers. She didn't pay for the procedures because it's part of the promotion, but we can see that she tagged the med spa's Instagram page in the post and captioned it with "Darcey Doll package! Get snatched today! Best in the biz."

The "Darcey Doll Package" did not go over well with fans of the show "90 Day Fiancé." Due to a large influx of negative and troll comments, Darcey and The Med Spa had to turn off the comments section on the post. However, a fan page reposted the reel, allowing the show's fans to express their honest and sometimes harsh opinions about Darcey.

 The comments on the reposted reel were as judgmental as expected. It's hard to understand why so many people follow Darcey on Instagram, yet most don't respect or support her lifestyle and choices. One Instagram user left a comment under the reposted reel saying, "It's so disturbing that she actually thinks she looks good." Another person added, "Wow, it's so sad that she's doing that to her face. She actually thinks she looks fabulous, but she looks like she's addicted to plastic surgery and fillers. I'm sure there are those who have told her to stop, but she doesn't." There wasn't a single comment praising Darcey for her new look, which is sad, considering the Silva twins genuinely believe they are beautiful.