Are Julia and Brandon expecting a baby?

 In 2024, former 90 Day Fiance cast members Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs are still together. They have encountered various obstacles, such as Julia's immigration struggles and adapting to a new life outside of Brandon's parents' farm. Despite these hurdles, their relationship remains strong. Julia recently became an American citizen in March 2024.

There were rumors on social media about Julia leaving Brandon after obtaining her US citizenship. However, these rumors were false and appeared to be a ploy by reality TV gossip websites to reignite interest in the couple, who will be part of the upcoming season of 90 Day: The Last Resort.

A year ago, Julia and Brandon shared several Instagram posts revealing their reasons for not wanting to have children. Julia and her husband, Brandon Gibbs, have other responsibilities and financial concerns that make it challenging to consider expanding their family. Julia also focuses on her work and has big plans for 2024, including bringing her parents to live with her in the United States. Additionally, Julia has mentioned dealing with depression and personal health issues, which further complicates the decision to have children. She believes having a baby should happen when the time is right for both, and societal expectations do not pressure them.

This week, Brandon posted a photo album of himself with his wife posing for pictures near Virginia Beach to celebrate her first 4th of July as a US citizen. However, fans have noticed something in the second picture of the album that may imply Julia has a baby bump and is expecting.

 An Instagram user left a comment on Brandon's post saying, "If you guys are pregnant, congratulations," another fan added, "Why are you holding her belly like that?" Neither Brandon nor Julia replied to the fans in the comments section to confirm or deny the pregnancy. However, from the look on Brandon's face in the picture, it seems like he is trolling their fans by putting his hand on Julia's belly, knowing that it would attract attention and prompt people to ask questions.