Angela Faces Fan Backlash Over Her Recent R*cist Remark Towards Her Nigerian Husband, Michael

 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem has been making controversial claims about her estranged Nigerian husband, Michael Ilesanmi. She has accused him of scamming her, alleging that he was involved in a scheme to obtain a U.S. visa under false pretenses.

Angela claimed to have discovered evidence of Michael's deceit, including his involvement in a group called "Paradise Men," which she believed was part of a scam targeting American women. These allegations have led to a heated discussion among fans on multiple social media platforms, with some backing Angela's claims and others supporting Michael. The controversy has added even more drama to their already turbulent relationship, making them one of the most discussed reality TV couples in recent years.

On the 4th of July, the crazy Meemaw's angry rants went too far. She made some awful public statements that she will definitely regret later. While everyone was getting ready to celebrate Independence Day with their friends and family, Angela Deem traveled alone from Canada back to her home in Georgia after having a great time doing an influencer gig at a Canadian nightclub. At the airport, she filmed herself and uploaded a TikTok video in which she made inappropriate and r*cist comments about Nigerian men.

 In the TikTok video, the 60-year-old D-list celebrity expressed her anger about her Nigerian husband, who came to the United States on "her visa," celebrating Independence Day with his Nigerian friends in a country they don't belong to. On July 4, Michael posted multiple Instagram stories of himself enjoying life with the Nigerian community in the US, having barbecues, playing football, and preparing fireworks for the night. Despite being blocked by her estranged Nigerian husband on all his social media pages, Angela created alternate social media accounts to spy on him. Angela Deem felt increasingly angry and bitter whenever she saw Michael living his best life after he left her.

The 90 Day Fiancé fans were upset by Angela's comments about Michael and Nigerian men. Under a video reposted by a fan page, an Instagram user commented, "Her country. You own America? You brought him here. That's how he can celebrate the 4th of July. This look of bitterness is getting old. You're not the victim. Michael is. And he's living his best life. On YOUR Visa." The fan has a point: Angela Deem seems to believe that the United States only belongs to trailer-tr*sh human beings like herself and not to all of the people from all around the world who built the country and made it as great as it is today.