Statler accuses Dempsey of being a con artist who swindled her, drove her into debt, and then abandoned her

 The last time we heard about Statler and Dempsey was after the events of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 6. The Lesbian couple decided to get a camper van and travel across Europe together. This plan was possible thanks to Statler's remote job, which allows her to work from anywhere in the world as long as she has an internet connection. Dempsey also had the flexibility to travel at any given time as she only needed to talk to her boss, who happens to be her best friend and explain to him that she needed to take an indefinite leave of absence from her farming job.

The show depicted Dempsey as a beautiful and naïve blue-collar worker who spent most of her days working on a farm in a remote part of England. It was difficult for her to meet new people in such a remote area, so she resorted to a dating app to find a partner, leading her to Statler. Statler, an American from Irving, Texas, was attracted to Dempsey's British accent as her previous girlfriend was also from England. Despite a past relationship ending because her ex hesitated to move in together, Statler didn't waste time leaving her country and trying to move quickly with her British lover, Dempsey.

In an unexpected turn of events, the lesbian couple, who are set to make a comeback on The Other Way season 6, which will premiere on July 1, 2024, are now entangled in controversy. Yesterday, Statler took to Instagram with explosive accusations against her ex-partner, Dempsey. Such off-screen drama could land them in trouble with the TLC network, as they spoiled their storyline before the show's new season even airs.

According to Statler's recent Instagram stories, Dempsey is a scam artist who deceived her and the 90-day viewers into liking her based on her attractive appearance and charming British accent. Statler claimed that her ex-partner," the British Gypsy," manipulated her into paying off her debts and convinced her to rent a $700-a-month camping van, which she still pays for every month because she is locked into a leasing contract.

Statler added that she is unable to afford her own place because of the payments she has to make for the camping van. As a result, she is getting deeper into debt every month, while her ex is living debt-free thanks to her. The drama doesn't end there. Statler found out the hard way that Dempsey had a friend with benefits she didn't know about – her name was Georgia. Dempsey stayed at Georgia's home for two months and, during that time, cheated on Statler and kept it a secret from her. The American had to learn about this from the show producer while filming for The Other Way's new season.