Mary and Brandan found a new way to exploit their fans for money

 90-Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Demasu-ay continue to engage in questionable practices by exploiting their fans for monetary gain. They continually use their daughter's charm and Mary's health problems in their social media posts to fabricate stories about financial struggles and medical issues to seek donations. Despite facing criticism, they persist in these deceits. Recently, they have found a more legitimate way to persuade fans to buy items directly for them rather than asking for money outright. 

There is no denying that Mary and Brandan were going through financial struggles after they ended filming for the show, as many former 90 Day Fiancé cast members, now freed from their NDAs, have revealed that the show's pay is significantly low—starting at $1000 per episode before taxes. Couples film up to 12 hours a day for months, often taking time off work without compensation and covering their own travel expenses. This financial strain can lead to debt, relationship breakdowns, and reputational damage. A few cast members leverage their fame for post-show success by growing and monetizing their social media platforms and starting successful businesses, but those are the few lucky ones.

Mary and Brandan reside in a rural area in the Philippines where the cost of living is relatively low, and in 2024, they are doing alright on their own and getting better as adults every day. They are homeowners and have claimed to work from home for an English call center. Additionally, they generate income from their Facebook, TikTok, Cameo pages, and YouTube channel. Despite making a decent living from their jobs and online earnings, the young couple have developed a sense of entitlement thanks to the positive attention they are getting on social media, leading them to continuously seek new strategies to squeeze their fans for donations and gifts.

Their New Grift Amazon Wish List And Fans Can't Wait To Send Them Gifts.
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The young couple noticed that some of their fellow cast members, such as Jasmine, Cleo, Julia, and others, had added a link to their Amazon wish lists in their social media bios, and they decided to do the same, but with a little twist. Instead of just asking for gifts, they posted unboxing videos where they opened the Amazon packages they received from fans, tried out the items, and showed appreciation to the gift givers in their unboxing social media videos.

Their method worked like a charm, as many show fans are lonely grandmas and grandpas sitting alone at home and seeking connection and validation through their acts of kindness towards others. Mary and Brandon's Amazon wish list barely contains items for their baby girl. If you check their Amazon wish link, you will see that it mainly consists of a list of video games for Brandan and some pricey clothes and accessories for Mary.