Isabel Responds After Gabe Claimed She's a User Who Left Him with Nothing

 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Gabe Pagoba has been publicly criticizing his estranged Colombian wife, Isabel Posada, for quite some time now. Since their separation, Gabe has used his social media platforms to express his frustrations and disappointment, particularly accusing Isabel of being a manipulative user. 

He claims that she not only financially abused him but also took all of what he had in Colombia and left him with nothing, causing him emotional and financial turmoil. Additionally, Gabe has blamed Isabel's alleged irresponsibility for the failure of his padded underwear business, suggesting that her actions directly led to its downfall.

Gabriel is the first transgender person to appear in the 90-Day Fiancé franchise, and the show fans welcomed him with tremendous enthusiasm and support. It was mainly due to his adorable relationship with his Colombian partner, Isabel. Their sudden separation shocked everyone, given the apparent love they shared on screen.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Gabriel resorted to social media for help and sought donations from fans to cover the debt he incurred in Colombia because of his irresponsible wife. The situation escalated due to Isabel misusing the rent money, leading to legal issues with their landlord. There was also commotion with their neighbors over suspicious activities conducted by Isabel in the apartment when her husband Gabe was in the United States, busy working three jobs to support her and her two kids. 

While Gabe was relentlessly showcasing his marriage's dirty laundry on social media, tarnishing his estranged wife's reputation without restraint, Isabel has chosen to focus on moving forward with her life, refraining from dignifying the accusations until this recent week.

In her recent Instagram story, the mother of two expressed her disgust with her estranged American husband, calling him a manipulative liar who only cares about drama and being famous. Isabel couldn't believe how many 90-Day Fiancé fans on social media got fooled by the lies her former husband was spreading about her, advising them not to let themselves be used by him. She probably meant to stop donating money to him because he doesn't deserve it, as she claims that Gabe is a deceiver who cannot be trusted.