Are Bilal and Shaeeda getting a divorce?

 Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween were part of the ninth season of 90 Day Fiancé. Usually, in international relationships that start online, the man often takes the initiative. However, this couple had a different story.

Shaeeda used to live in Trinidad with her family and spent her days browsing social media, searching for the high-value man she believed she deserved. One day, she came across Bilal's Instagram page and was instantly attracted to his luxurious lifestyle. At the time, Bilal frequently posted pictures of himself driving expensive cars, wearing designer clothes, and living lavishly, which appealed to Shaeeda's desires.

Shaeeda slid into Bilal's Instagram DMs, and the pair exchanged a few texts. They quickly bonded over shared interests and their Islamic faith. Despite never meeting in person, they deeply connected and shared an unspoken understanding. Bilal flew to Trinidad and Tobago to meet Shaeeda for the first time. After spending only a week with her, he proposed and decided to bring her to the United States on a K-1 visa to get married.

Bilal, a divorced man with two kids from his previous marriage, was cautious in his relationship with Shaeeda. He asked her to sign a prenup and wait a couple of years before having kids, but she was not happy with these demands. Shaeeda, who moved to the United States alone and had no safety net, felt that signing a prenup was not an option for her. She also wanted a baby soon after their wedding, as her biological clock was ticking. Ultimately, she signed the prenup, but Bilal compromised and agreed to start trying to have a baby with her immediately after The Happily Ever After Season 7 Tell All.

A year later, Shaeeda shared sad news on her Instagram and confessed that she had a miscarriage. Hundreds of fans showed their love and support for her in the comments section of her post, and they encouraged her to keep trying and not give up, as many of them successfully gave birth to healthy babies after age 40.

Fans who follow Shaeeda on social media have noticed something bothering her over the last few months. According to her social media activities, she has been feeling unwell, overworking, and not being herself. This week, she posted something worrying on her Threads page, mentioning divorce as an option without providing any context. A fan commented under her post, "Are you and Bilal getting divorced???" However, Shaeeda did not respond to the fan's question.

It's possible that Bilal and Shaeeda are experiencing difficulties in their marriage and may not have been able to have a baby. This may have led Shaeeda to overwork as a way to distract herself, which could explain her recent feelings of unhappiness and unwellness.