Sophie's mom, Claire, got arrested in Texas

 This week, there was a disturbing incident on social media involving Sophie's mother, Claire. She posted a series of private video recordings on her Instagram stories that featured her daughter and her son-in-law having heated arguments. Additionally, she has been continuously accusing Sophie's husband, Rob, of abusive behavior and even went as far as calling her daughter young and naïve for staying in a toxic marriage because she wants to be a reality TV star.

25-year-old Sophie chose to stand by her husband, Rob, against her mother's allegations. She shared a story post on Instagram in which she clarified that her husband is not an abusive partner and things are not as they seem. Sophie also reassured the show's fans that her American husband has never been violent towards her and that they are merely experiencing the usual issues that newlywed couples face. However, it seems that Sophie is not accepting the reality of her situation and is willing to sacrifice her relationship with her mother, Claire, to pursue further opportunities on TLC reality TV shows.

Many 90-Day Fiancé fans have been following the drama involving Rob, Sophie, and Claire on social media. It was not surprising for them to see things escalate. In the comments section of several 90 Day Fiancé fan pages, fans expressed concerns that the toxic dynamic between these individuals would eventually lead to someone ending up in jail. Recently, in an Instagram story, Sophie revealed that her mother is struggling with a serious mental illness. She claimed that the person who was trying to hurt her was her mother and not her husband, Rob.

According to jail records obtained by "," Claire Lisa Cheshire was booked into Williamson County Jail today, May 10thstemming from an incident that occurred on Thursday. The offense date and the warrant are both dated May 9, 2024. She was arrested after either Sophie or Rob called the cops on her because she was physically threatening them and exhibiting violent, concerning behavior toward her daughter and son-in-law. Claire is still in custody, with her bond set at $5,000.