Rob's friend exposes Sophie and reveals the real reason Claire got arrested

 In 2024, Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra called it quits. The couple underwent therapy during filming for the second season of 90 Day: The Last Resort, but it was ineffective. Consequently, they decided to separate again. Being on reality TV has always been Sophie's dream, and Rob was simply fulfilling her desires. Somehow, the dysfunctional couple managed to stay together for three years and be on three TLC reality TV shows; however, that came at a price. 

Prolonging a toxic marriage that should have ended two years ago has only made things worse for Rob, Sophie, and her mom. The 25-year-old British social media influencer is a consenting adult, and she decided to stay married to Rob, move to the United States, and be on reality TV. Instead of accepting the consequences of her actions, Sophie constantly texted and called her mom, Claire, crying and complaining about Rob's unfair treatment, which made Claire despise her son-in-law.

Before getting arrested, Claire leaked private DMs between her and Sophie on social media, revealing plenty of their family's dirty laundry to the public. According to Claire, her daughter Sophie has repeatedly asked her for money since she moved to the United States, and Claire believes that Sophie is spoiled and entitled. Then, Claire denied being rich despite coming from a wealthy family. She has been living a simple life in Spain, relying on her UK pension. The leaked conversation also revealed that Sophie is not living with her husband, Rob. Instead, she has moved back in with her friend Kae, whom her mom hates. Claire disapproves of Kae's habit of smoking weed every night and secretly recording her visitors using her pet feeder camera.

Sophie's mother was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. Later in life, she developed severe mental illnesses due to substance abuse and relationships with toxic partners. She was arrested on May 10th in Texas after menacing her and her daughter's lives over a money dispute.

Rob's friend Tori recently contacted reality TV blogger "Kibbles and Bits" to clarify a few things. He defended his friend and explained the events that led to Claire's arrest. According to Tori, Claire had threatened to "unalive her daughter and then herself" due to a family dispute and a disagreement over money. Sophie was left with no other choice but to call the cops because she was concerned about her and her mom's safety.