Molly Hopkins lost a significant amount of weight after her split from Kelly Brown

 In recent years, 90 Day Fiancé star Molly Hopkins has had a hard time reaching her weight loss goals, despite trying out several strict diets. However, with the help of "Plexus reset" dietary supplements and self-discipline, she finally reached her desired weight in just one year.

Molly Hopkins was last seen on the first season of 90 Day: The Last Resort. Her relationship with Kelly ended after he allegedly choke-slammed her daughter, Olivia. TLC cast them on their new show because they had to replace Colt and Venessa. Molly is now dating a new man who is an ex-convict and social media influencer. He calls himself "The Prison Kingpin." After two failed relationships filmed on reality TV, Molly Hopkins has moved on with a new partner and prefers to keep her personal life hidden from cameras and the public.

Some fans might criticize Molly and call her biased or a sellout for crediting her weight loss success to the Plexus Supplement brand. It's important to mention that Molly is currently promoting the supplement brand and getting paid by them as an affiliate marketer. However, it's hard to deny that she has achieved significant weight loss results thanks to the Plexus gut health products she's been taking daily for the past year. Meanwhile, her fellow reality TV castmate, Jasmine Pineda, is trying to rebrand herself as a fitness influencer. Jasmine has been aggressively promoting her "Jazzy" vegan protein powder, but 90 Day Fiancé fans do not take her seriously because she has four implants, multiple injections, and has undergone cosmetic procedures to achieve her fit body, which makes her seem less credible when it comes to offering fitness advice or products to others.

 In one of her recent Instagram posts, Molly Hopkins claimed that the Plexus gut health products had eliminated her face inflammation and reduced her clothing size. She credited the brand for improving her health and helping her shed over 40 pounds and then offered her fans a $16 discount in case they decided to buy the Plexus products using her affiliate link.