Miona talks about her breakup with her husband, Jibri, and exposes his lies

 A month ago, Jibri Bell publicly announced his split from his Serbian wife, Miona, through a song he composed himself. He confessed that despite their efforts to save their marriage, he had to leave her because nothing worked. Jibri expressed his hope that Miona's new partner would treat her better than he did. He also threw some shade at his ex by calling her controlling and passively aggressive. After a few weeks of silence, Miona publicly announced her new relationship with Terzel and exposed Jibri's lies.

Miona was never a fan favorite, and lately, she has been facing a lot of hate and criticism from 90-Day Fiancé fans on social media. They have been calling her a scammer and a gold digger and accusing her of using her American husband, Jibri, to obtain a green card. Despite enduring these false accusations for over a year, Miona focused on growing her ponytail business while keeping her personal life private. However, now that her business is thriving and she is dating a high-profile man who happens to be a public figure, she feels compelled to publicly defend herself and set the record straight.

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Yesterday, Miona hosted a Q&A session on her Instagram stories, and she answered her fans' burning questions. When an Instagram user asked, "Did you see Jibri saying that he left you?" Miona replied, "I think we all know that's not the truth. But sometimes people say stuff like that when they are hurt. We broke up a while ago, and I definitely know I made it clear for months before the split that I didn't want to be in that relationship anymore for many reasons.

Miona complained that people were spreading false information about her all the time. She clarified that she did not obtain a green card through someone else's sponsorship; instead, she came to the United States as an entrepreneur and self-sponsored herself, covering all expenses from her own pocket. She mentioned that many Americans hold the misconception that immigrants are incapable of achieving anything on their own when, in reality, they are hardworking individuals who are capable of accomplishing great things independently.