Jasmine responds to rumors about her new boyfriend after her split from Gino

 In recent months, Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo have been confusing the show's fans with their off-screen drama. A couple of credible news sources and eyewitnesses have confirmed that the couple will be on the second season of 90 Day: The Last Resort; however, many fans are not happy about this as they are tired of seeing the same couple on multiple 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs. There are also speculations that the rumors about their breakup were just fabricated off-screen dramas to keep the viewers interested in the couple's storyline until the new season of the spin-off show airs.

The past year has taught us that becoming a regular cast member in the 90-Day Fiancé franchise doesn't necessarily require being a good and honest person. The returning couples are often desperate for fame or need easy money. They are good at lying and willingly agree to fake their persona and storylines as the show producers ask.

In April 2024, Jasmine and Gino appeared together on the RealityGays podcast, seemingly to dispel rumors of their breakup. However, public appearances by the 90-Day Fiancé couple are often considered publicity stunts and may not reflect the actual status of their relationship. For instance, in September 2023, Big Ed and Liz attended the 90 Day Fiancé 10 anniversary event as a couple, affirming they were still together. Nonetheless, it was later revealed that they had called off their wedding in the summer of 2023. Liz had already returned to San Diego and started dating someone new.

According to a post on the Instagram meme page "90dayfianceupdate," which is not a credible source and is known for stealing original content from other 90 Day Fiancé pages without giving them credit, Gino reportedly asked Jasmine to leave his house after discovering that she had cheated on him. The post alleges that Jasmine met a new man at Planet Fitness in Belleville, Michigan, and moved in with him after the breakup. Additionally, another post from the same page claims that Jasmine's new boyfriend is named Matt Branis, an aspiring actor who may have been interested in Jasmine as a means to start his reality TV career.

Since then, show fans have been messaging Jasmine on her social media pages to ask about her new man. However, the reality TV star didn't appreciate this and took to Instagram to ask everyone to stop spreading rumors and gossip. In her Instagram story, Jasmine basically told the fans to shut up and give her money. She ignored everyone and wrote in the same story," Book my cameos, subscribe to my only fans, and buy my protein." 

90 Day Fiancé bloggers "Kikiandkibbitz" and "MovingMad" have a theory that Jasmine's alleged new man, Matt, is simply a paid actor added to spice up her fabricated storyline on the new season of "90 Day: The Last Resort." However, there is no definitive proof yet to confirm whether Gino and Jasmine are still together or have broken up, only speculations.