Gabe gives a shocking update about his ongoing divorce from Isabel

 Gabriel Paboga married his Colombian girlfriend, Isabel Posada, during the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. As a result, he became a stepdad to her two kids, Sara and Miguel. The couple, known for their endearing chemistry and heartwarming connection, quickly became fan favorites among viewers, who expected them to last forever.

After their wedding, Gabe only partially relocated to Colombia. Instead, he kept flying back to Florida, where he worked two and sometimes three jobs to financially support his Colombian wife and keep their padded underwear for transgender business running. While in the US, Gabe trusted his wife with his business, dog, and rented apartment. However, a couple of months later, he had to learn the hard way that Isabel was irresponsible and had not been doing what she was supposed to do.

It's unclear why Gabe and Isabel fell out of love and decided to separate. It could be because of their long-distance marriage, or perhaps Gabe grew weary of the financial burden and decided it wasn't worth it. The fact is, Isabel treated their separation as a divorce and started to act recklessly. She continued to receive money from Gabe but stopped paying their apartment rent and bills, which led to fines and potentially other legal issues.

In a recent YouTube video, Gabe shared that he made a fair deal with Isabel despite being separated. He agreed to send her money for her personal use and other deposits to pay the rent and bills on the condition that she take care of the apartment and his dog and keep his underwear business running. However, things went differently than planned. The last time Gabe returned to Colombia to check on things, he discovered that their apartment was messy and had many dog waste spots everywhere. His business was officially dead, and he claimed that Isabel brought men to their apartment and even took his wedding ring and clothes, leaving him with nothing.

This distressing situation indicates that Gabe and Isabel are approaching a divorce with no chance of reconciliation. We've only heard Gabe's side of the story so far; for some unknown reason, his estranged wife Isabel hasn't responded to defend herself against the accusations.