Drunk and heartbroken Angela Deem is scaring people on the streets in Canada

 90-Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem felt devastated when her Nigerian husband, Michael Ilesanmi, left her to be with his new American girlfriend. The situation caused Angela to suffer from a couple of mental breakdowns during her TikTok live streams. She also breached her NDA with TLC and revealed much information about her storyline with Michael during her live rants and on John Yates and Auntie's advice platforms. The offscreen drama resulted in her losing money after the reality TV show producers cut 80% of her scenes with Michael from the 8th season of Happily Ever After.

Angela Deem confirmed that TLC did not fire her from Happily Ever After season 8 during her brief appearance on the Auntie's Advice YouTube show. She asked her fans to be patient and to wait for her return to the show. But before that, Angela had a nervous breakdown during a TikTok livestream session. She was under the influence and screaming at her phone camera in frustration because the show's fans and other cast members were taking the side of her estranged husband instead of hers.

Last week, Angela was at a karaoke party at the Jokers Comedy Club in Canada. After consuming a lot of alcohol and possibly other "substances," she went outside to the parking lot and started a disastrous TikTok livestream to complain about Michael and everyone who had wronged her.

Angela threatened to take legal action against those speaking negatively about her online. It has become increasingly apparent that she's holding a personal vendetta against reality TV blogger "Kikiandkibbitz." During the live stream, Angela was mumbling, which made it difficult for viewers to understand her. She claimed to be a good person and stated that everyone knows who the real Angela is. However, she also accused Michael of being a scammer and a bad person, asserting that no one knows anything about the real Michael.