Darcey Silva stuns her fans with her recent face lift

 A year ago, Darcey Silva left her fans puzzled when she began promoting Ozempic, a weight-loss product for adults with type 2 diabetes. The reality TV star has undergone multiple liposuction operations over the last three years. Therefore, it seemed contradictory when she attributed her significant weight loss to Ozempic.

Combining liposuction with Ozempic for weight loss could be risky. Liposuction surgically removes fat deposits for immediate contouring, while Ozempic, a GLP-1 agonist, aids in long-term weight management by reducing appetite and improving insulin sensitivity. However, Darcey should have consulted with a healthcare professional before considering such a combination to ensure her safety.

According to Darcey's recent Instagram posts, fans have noticed that her chin started to look bigger than usual, which could be an Ozempic side effect called the "Ozempic face." Using such a product can lead to rapid weight loss, which may affect the facial appearance of its users. It can lead to a gaunt look, with increased wrinkles and sagging skin as facial fat diminishes. Darcey, known for her frequent plastic surgeries, was unwilling to accept the sagging facial skin and thus flew back to Turkey for another facelift.

 Last week, the Silva Twins' favorite plastic surgery clinic in Turkey posted an Instagram Reel showing a surgeon making surgical markings on their faces and preparing them for their next facelift procedure. The clinic wrote as a caption:" Twin Face Lift Surgery! Face lift operations are ideal to help slow down aging and becoming increasingly popular as more individuals are more self conscious of their appearances. Our lovely returning patients @darceysilva @staceysilvatv @thesilvatwins returning to us for the facelift surgeries and showing casing their healed results!". 

It's unreal how many plastic surgeries and beauty procedures the Silva twins have undergone so far. They put their bodies under too much stress, all because they are too lazy and spoiled to commit to a healthier lifestyle that could give them good results over time.