Daniele explains why Yohan refuses to divorce her, even though they are no longer together

 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Daniele Gates is still grappling with emotional pain from her estranged Dominican husband, Yohan Geronimo, despite being separated for over a year. On the show, viewers accused Daniele of being controlling and criticized her for using her marriage to Yohan to move to his country and escape the debt she had accumulated while living in New York. However, relationships are never what they seem on reality TV.

US citizens cannot stay in the Dominican Republic for more than 30 days on a tourist visa. Daniele's marriage to Yohan may have helped her extend her stay in the country and expedite her obtaining residency and maybe even citizenship. However, this doesn't necessarily mean she used Yohan to get a visa. As per Daniele, she never promised Yohan to bring him to the United States. She married him out of love and always tried to help him by giving him money, mentoring him on how to start a business, and even including him in her wellness retreat business in the Dominican Republic, which she regretted later because he cheated on her with one of her retreat clients. 

This week, Yohan tried to throw shade at Daniele after he posted an Instagram reel with a caption stating that he was not her ex but rather a luxury she would never have again. This type of statement is expected from Yohan because he began to act entitled after Daniele refused to help him come to the United States and obtain a green card. 

In Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Yohan asked his American wife to buy him a house and a car in the Dominican Republic, but she refused. Older American women who travel to the Dominican Republic seeking love and companionship with younger local men are more likely to encounter such demands from their Dominican partners. In the Dominican Republic, a "Sanky Panky" is a term used to describe someone like Yohan.

His recent social media post offended Daniele, prompting her to log into his Instagram account to remove the post and expose his cheating and other misconduct off-screen. Daniele has always stated that she is ready to move on, but Yohan refuses to give her a divorce. She claimed that Yohan is a narcissist and enjoys having power over her in any way possible. He knows that she will not enter into a new relationship unless she is completely done with him and legally divorced, and he's using that to make her suffer.