Angela confirms that she won't return to the show after Happily Ever After, season 8 

 This week, 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem has finally made the long-awaited announcement that everyone has been eagerly waiting for. The 59-year-old won't admit that her off-screen drama with her estranged husband, Michael, has complicated her relationship with the show's producers. However, during her recent TikTok livestream, she announced that 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 8 will be the last season we see her on the show.

Previously, Angela promised Michael a long and painful divorce. She also assured the show's fans that as long as she's still married to her Nigerian husband, he couldn't appear on any 90-Day Fiancé show because of his complicated legal status and her connections with the show producers. Additionally, she expressed frustration at being legally responsible for Michael for at least five years because she was the American citizen who sponsored his visa to the United States.

Many 90-Day Fiancé fans have expressed their fatigue with Angela's presence on the show and are calling for the TV network to fire her. At one point, they even launched an online petition to remove Angela from the 90-Day Fiancé franchise. The petition got thousands of signatures, but the show producers ignored it. Angela Deem's controversial nature and the large number of hate watchers are seen as positive attributes in reality TV. We want Michael Ilesanmi on the single life anyways, not her #90dayfiance #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancenews ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips
In 2024, the fans' wish will come true. Angela Deem has just announced that 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 8 will be her final season in the franchise. She mentioned that unless the show producers decide to create a spin-off show for her, which is unlikely to happen, she won't be returning. Angela confessed that she doesn't want to be on reality TV anymore, especially when her personal life is a mess. Then, she reassured her supporters that she won't appear in the next season of 90 Day: The Single Life.

During one of her TikTok live streams, Angela announced that she was currently filming a movie but wouldn't give any further information about it. She's a good friend with Hulk Hogan and many other celebrities, and she managed to net herself a movie role. At 68 years old, Angela Deem is leaving the reality TV world and starting a Hollywood acting career.