Ruben claps back at Miss Debbie and proves that he's not a scammer

 Debbie Aguero and Ruben "The Cuban" appeared to be a genuine couple during their first appearance on 90 Day: The Single Life season 4. They both shared a free-spirited nature and a passion for art, which was reflected in their unique personalities and colorful sense of style. However, recently, a few screenshots of their previous conversations on the dating app where they met showed that the couple was fake. To be more precise, it was revealed that Debbie had a strong desire to appear on The Single Life season 4 at all costs and convinced Ruben to be her boyfriend on the show by highlighting the benefits of being on the popular reality TV show.

Nevertheless, the pair could've ended the show by maintaining their friendship since they have a lot in common; however, that wasn't the case. By the end of the fourth season of The Single Life, Ruben decided to use his newfound fame to help a friend in need by launching a donation campaign. He requested the show's fans to donate $100,000 to the cause.

Miss Debbie is a 68-year-old woman known for speaking her mind without inhibitions. Recently, she noticed that Ruben was running a fundraising campaign asking for money to help his friend fix his house. Debbie claimed that she had nothing to do with the campaign and accused Ruben of being a scammer. She pointed out that other options were available for his friend, such as assistance from Habitat for Humanity or Home Repair Ministries, which could help him for free.

Ruben The Cuban was offended by Miss Debbie's public accusation. Both of them have become public figures thanks to reality TV, and now they are judged and criticized by random people on the internet for all their actions. In a now-deleted Instagram reel, Ruben The Cuban revisited his friend's dilapidated home and used his phone camera to film the big holes in the roof and the moldy walls. He reassured everyone that he was not a scammer and explained that his donation campaign was aimed at helping a friend in need quickly, probably because the government institutions Miss Debbie mentioned usually have a long waiting list, and his friend needed urgent help. Who do you believe? Miss Debbie or Ruben The Cuban? #90dayfiance #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancenews ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips
In the comments section of Ruben's deleted Instagram reel, a fan asked, "What about home owners insurance? If it is your friend's home, let him do the donation campaign by himself." To that, Ruben answered, "I don't need to respond to your comments, but I will. My friend, who is in his 70s, does not use social media, the internet, etc. If I didn't step in when I found this out, the situation would get worse and the roof will end up collapsing on his head.".

Ruben posted three Instagram reels showing his friend's home to explain the situation better and prove that he was not a scammer, but he had to delete them soon after because his friend was a hoarder. Besides the broken roof and moldy walls, the friend's house was a mess and filled with excessive amounts of clutter and belongings that had accumulated over time.