Miss Debbie is asking her fans for a sum of $500k USD

 Many ordinary people featured on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise have big aspirations that often require significant financial resources to achieve. These goals may include paying for gender-affirming surgery, purchasing a home, or sponsoring a spouse to come to the United States. However, such dreams usually come with a high cost attached.

After their fundraising campaigns were discovered by fans, Cleo, David, Mary, and Ruben, who were former cast members of the TLC reality TV shows, received criticism for using their 15 minutes of fame to ask for an easy handout. Viewers called them scammers and advised them to get jobs and save money gradually, like everyone else. Recently, Debbie Aguero was added to this list after fans clicked on the link in her Instagram bio and discovered that she has a fundraiser page asking for $500k USD to fund her dream business, "Wild Ark Studio & Animal Sanctuary."

Miss Debbie had a fundraiser launched a couple of months after the fourth season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way aired, the first TLC reality TV show she was a part of. She did not heavily promote the campaign or beg her fans for donations to a false cause, unlike her former castmate Mary Demasu-ay, who faked a cancer diagnosis to obtain donations. Debbie's campaign only received $292 from fans and animal enthusiasts who would love to have a place like the "Wild Ark Studio & Animal Sanctuary" where they can come alone or with their families to work on their confidence and emotional wellness through art programs and interact with rescued animals to boost their happiness.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans might perceive Miss Debbie as a scammer, especially following her recent off-screen controversy with her reality TV partner Ruben the Cuban, where they were revealed as a fake couple. Although Julian's mother may have a unique style and love being the center of attention, it is unfair to label her as a scammer. The same applies to Ruben, her reality TV boyfriend. They never begged their fans for money; instead, they requested donations for good causes that would benefit people in need, which had nothing to do with their financial gain.