Michael speaks out publicly for the second time after escaping from Angela

 In February 2024, 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Michael Ilesanmi was reported missing in the state of Georgia. However, a few days later, his American wife, Angela Deem, revealed that Michael had been found safe and sound. Unfortunately, Michael's sudden disappearance was planned, and the Nigerian had ulterior motives. After an investigation by Angela and her team, it was uncovered that Michael had planned to leave Angela as soon as they finished filming the Tell All episodes of the eighth season of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After.

Michael Ilesanmi received help from others to escape from Angela's house. Reality TV blogger John Yates claims that Michael has been in contact with several members of the Nigerian community in the United States via social media since he was in Nigeria. On the day of his escape, Michael was picked up by a car waiting for him nearby. Allegedly, he is currently staying with an American woman who convinced him to leave Angela and promised to help him until he can legalize his stay in the United States.

In the first week of March 2024, Michael spoke publicly for the first time by sending a video to a blogger who posted it on their Instagram account. In the video, he reassured his fans that he was safe and staying with someone, but he could not reveal his location because he was scared of Angela. Michael warned his fans about fake profiles impersonating him and promised to tell them when he will launch his official social media pages.

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Seven weeks after his last public appearance, Michael Ilesanmi updated his fans that he had created his own Cemeo account and Facebook page. Michael encouraged his fans to order customized videos from him, such as birthday wishes and shout-outs. He also expressed his gratitude to everyone for their love and support. Previously, Michael and Angela had a joint Cameo profile, but Angela had been withholding their earnings, giving Michael a small portion of the earnings and taking the larger share for herself.